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A Regal White and Gold Bedroom Set

There is something so regal about white and gold furniture! I have painted more pieces in this color palette over the years than I can count! And every single time I am reminded how refreshing the finish is. The dresser is sleek with clean lines and NO distressing!

White and Gold Furniture | Tracey's Fancy

(Note: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, if you purchase I will make a small commission at no charge to you. Thank you for your purchases and general support!) The sharp contrast between the white upper and gold dipped bottom keeps the vision tidy and pleasing to the eye. (for tips on how to use tape to keep your lines crisp with no bleed...check this out)

White and Gold Furniture | Tracey's Fancy
White and Gold Furniture | Tracey's Fancy

The vanity is painted so added enhancements or distractions to its simple lines. I did choose to replace the original hardware with the oversized crystal was a bold move on such a simple piece...but I think it was much-needed added glam. If you look again...did you even notice that these two pieces are not from the same era and are not even the same style? Most people will not notice....or even care. What is important is that they do not compete....they compliment...and the paint combo makes them work cohesively. I actually prefer pulling multiple eras together in one setting....mixing it up a little keeps the eye guessing!

Tracey's Painting Tips for White and Gold Furniture

1 . When painting any piece of furniture a crisp white....I always always always use Shellac as a primer BEFORE I paint! This will prevent any possible bleed through from underlying wood tannins etc.***

  1. I highly recommend trying the new HTP applicator sponge for applying the metallic goes on with zero brush marks for a great reflective shine!***


I have listed below products that I use and trust to give you this same look! These are all products I used myself and I'm NOT being paid to recommend. I would recommend Modern Masters Champagne or Pale Gold for this look.

If you want to try this look and would like to consult me, please do!!

Would you like to see more of my fancy furniture designs and insight into my design process?! Sign up to get my blog newsletter here. See you next week! XOXO, Tracey

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