Acai bowls: Are they truly a healthy option?

by | Feb 13, 2020

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Surely you know what acai bowls are by now…

They are shared constantly on social media…..and now there are shops popping up across the country that specialize in these colorful and yummy looking bowls of goodness touted to be the antioxidant warrior.

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How can they NOT be good for you?

They are loaded with fruit and grains and the superfood Acai berry…..right?

Well…..sort of.

Some acai bowls contain as much as 1000 calories and over 60 grams of sugar……and that my friend… a LOT of sugar!

Speaking of sugar…see my 5 Tips to Curb Your Sugar Cravings.

No matter how “good for you” something may seem….eating it 1000 calories at a time… NOT good.  For those that are working hard to lose weight or maintain a healthy blood sugar level…..this will likely sabotage your plan!

Don’t get me wrong…..they are no doubt better for you than a breakfast of donuts and chocolate milk…..

BUT….there are ways to enjoy this treat with just a little bit of tweaking on the way you make it at home…..or even order it when out. 

Acai Bowls: How to Order

1. Ask what type of acai they use.  Actual acai berries are very rare here in the states.  Many places are using frozen berries which contain added sugar (as acai is actually very bitter).  You can ask to see the nutritional information on the acai if you are concerned with sugar content (as we all should be).   Whether it is fresh or powdered… needs to be the no-sugar-added

2. ALWAYS add a protein source.  If you are following AIP….you need to ask for a bone broth or collagen addition that is not whey or pea based.  If you are NOT following AIP…..just add a protein source that they offer

3. ALWAYS add a fat….like coconut oil, avocado or nut butter (if re-introduced).  By adding both a protein and a fat….you are helping to have better balance macro’s which will help to stabilize that blood sugar and give you staying power!

4. Opt for the bowl on the menu that offers half fruit/half veggie as a base….this will leave room for that drizzle of honey that will likely be swirled across the top. 

When making at home…

1. Choose unsweetened acai berries or unsweetened acai powder and blend with water or nut milk/coconut milk ….also adding a scoop of your favorite go-to protein/collagen powder….and use as your base.     

2. Blend in some greens such as spinach, zucchini or kale into your base to amp up the nutritional value.       

3. Blend in half an avocado or tsp. of coconut oil for a healthy added fat. 

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4. Top with your favorite berries or slice banana, shredded coconut or cacao nibs.     

5. Sprinkle with your favorite nuts/seeds to add protein and a drizzle of honey.       

5. Be cognizant of your toppings and use in moderation. 

I hope you find this helpful….and I hope it encourages you to try making your own acai bowl at home.  I find it very comforting to make my own food……as it allows me to be in control of what I’m actually eating.

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