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Alice in Wonderland Dresser

It was less than 10 years ago that this exact dresser was sold here locally in a high end furniture store Roanoke.

The old world Tuscan Villa furniture was huge here in San Antonio....heavy and dark....solid with curves and carvings.

It is still beautiful today....but the "dark orangey" color of the wood has lost its appeal to many....which means I was able to purchase it for just $100!

It was exactly what I needed for my upcoming furniture painting course......where I planned an eye-catching whimsical furniture finish....with a BIG personality!

* This post may contain affiliate links, I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

And the result!

I realize purple is not for everyone......but hopefully you can still recognize its beauty!

I toned down the purple by color blending a deep Aubergine with a Soft Pink and mid-tone Manatee Gray. Yep....the dresser has pink on just cant see it! By blending three different colors freely while directly on the surface of the offers a gentle movement between the colors and they actually melt into a multi-tonal finish. Dixie Belle Paints are the best color blending chalk paints that I have ever used! I am so lucky to have a full stock of their fabulous colors! (I have an entire blog post of color blended furniture for you to see here.)

I love using the side panels and legs of a dresser for accents and elements of surprise.....and I do believe that is executed well here!

The checkerboard finish is not for just anyone...but those of us who appreciate it.....sort of see it as a neutral....and use it often! It keeps things light! Not so serious! I like that....a lot!

And thank you Lord for metallic gold! Seriously!!! What would life be like without metallic gold??? There is no better place to add gold accents than on carved areas!

Love the Whimsy Wonderland?

If you are considering painting a piece of furniture in your home.....and you like Whimsy....(which you MUST or you wouldn't be following me right???)....but you are scared....or hesitant....or just don't know where to start.....I am here for you!

All you have to do is submit your email below and I will be in touch soon!

Yes, I'm interested

Thank you!

I've added you to my list of Whimsy Lovers! Stay tuned!

I really do wish I could paint this style dresser every single week! What is not to love about its shape and style? It was beautiful before....but now it is just plain bold!

I am very pleased with the outcome and final finish. People refer to it as my Alice in Wonderland dresser...which was not my intention....but I have to agree it is very AIW!!! And that is totally fine with me.....

Create this piece for yourself with this easy to follow Check & Color Blend tutorial...

Furniture Painting Basics

If you are a beginner....I now offer my Furniture Painting Basics Course via a pre-recorded tutorial! It is a full two hours of instruction complete with a supply list and a few bonus lists too! You can purchase that right here!


Here are the exact colors that I used. They are top-quality mineral paints from Dixie Belle Paint Company These are all affiliate links of which I could make a small commission, so thank you, thank you! You can also my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

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Paint Blending

If you want to see more pieces that I've painted with this paint blending technique, see them here. There are so many ways to mix colors with this technique!!!



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