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Monochromatic Armoire Makeover

When going for a monochromatic look on furniture….stick to colors that are from the same hue. Monochromatic does not mean ONE COLOR….but similar colors from the same tone. This outdated early 1980's armoire was updated with five shades of brown. You can do this with any color you want….and it really is so very simple to create a gorgeous feature piece like this for your own home! See the exact colors I used in the Shop Section below.

I created this piece years ago and it still makes me smile! You can recreate a piece similar to this using the Dixie Belle Paint line in the colors that I recommend HERE.

Armoire Makeover with Neutrals | Tracey's Fancy

I chose to use the four lighter shades of brown on the front of the armoire. I used Drop Cloth, an ivory tone, on the door front panels. This served as a nice backdrop for the French script stencil. The words are very thin and dainty….so I used the darkest brown in Coffee Bean to make them pop. The indented trim around the stenciled panels was done with Mud Puddle. The raised trim around the door panels was done with Chocolate….which is a milk chocolate color that is really yummy! So yummy that I chose it for the color on the entire body of the chest!

And then BAM…..we can't always be so serious without a little play….so those side panels!!!

Armoire Makeover with Neutrals | Tracey's Fancy

I used a lace stencil to create the pattern. I filled the entire panel insert with Drop Cloth….and created the stencil design with the Coffee Bean. It is such an unexpected look….and not for everyone….but I love adding a surprise aspect in furniture design …and this was the perfect place for it!

I really felt that the raised trim at the arch of this armoire was meant to "frame" something…but nothing was there! I wanted something with depth and dimension! I found this cameo broach at a local crafting store and felt it was just perfect for the space. The edge of the cameo was trimmed in gold…so I added a gold stripe to the raised trim with my favorite gold: Liquid Leaf.

Armoire Makeover with Neutrals | Tracey's Fancy

I carried the stencil surprise inside…adding it to the drawer fronts. And for the final shade of tan….I painted the inside of the doors in a shade called Pinecone. The entire piece piece was top coated in satin water based clear coat.

Armoire Makeover with Neutrals | Tracey's Fancy

The last and most impressive update was changing out the hardware! I purchased these oversized chunky knobs from Hobby Lobby. The original base of the knobs was a black wrought iron that I made cohesive to this piece by painting with the same gold leaf paint.

So there you have it….a show stopping feature piece! And it was so easy!!!

This armoire was purchased by a salon owner and is now used to store product for a beautician!


The products listed here are what I used for this monochromatic armoire makeover! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! Just click on any of the products shown below! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.



Please pin my Armoire Makeover with neutral tans & find me on Pinterest!

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