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Boho Llama Growth Chart for a lifetime of memories

Momma tall is your little llama?

These long-tall-skinny growth charts are always so much fun to make! And they are certainly something you could make for any "little" in your life as well!

boho llama growth chart by Traceys Fancy

This particular boho llama growth chart was made for our grand baby that is due in May. You can see the ostrich growth chart I made for her sister and several others HERE.....

boho llama growth chart by Traceys Fancy

I buy the boards at Home Depot....they are 6 feet long, precut and as long as they are straight.....I bring them home and let the creativity begin!

boho llama growth chart by Traceys Fancy

I usually paint the base coat first.....then sketch my animal or design as I want. I measure out the actual measurements and mark them with a small dash. I then usually add the name.

Once everything is drawn.....I just start laying down the paint. Of course I use Dixie Belle paint as you all know it is by far the best paint out there! It is much more durable once cured....than any acrylic craft paint on the market.

These growth charts are not a decoration.....they are a keepsake....and a lasting finish is very important to me. There is no need to prime....unless you are doing a base coat in white or a pale yellow or pink. You may want to use Boss Primer in white to seal off any pine knots in the board....they tend to show through the paint over time otherwise.

boho llama growth chart by Traceys Fancy

These boards are so much fun to design and create! Just keep it fun! Don't over think it!

Keep it simple by using stencils for the letters. Add stripes or patterns that you are comfortable painting. Don't forget the outer edge! Its a great space to add color or you can see the colorful checkered pattern on this boho llama growth chart. Its such a great addition and really accentuates the tassel necklace on the llama!

I can't wait to see this boho llama growth chart on the wall in Kambree's nursery.....and even more.....I can't wait to see her growth documented on this chart that I made for her with LOVE!

More Growth Charts for Inspiration

Here are some other fun growth charts that I have created throughout the years. Visit my DIY growth chart blog HERE for additional photos and details about the projects.

I encourage you to try making one! They make great gifts and the mommas love them!

See you next week!




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boho llama growth chart by Traceys Fancy
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