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Courtly Checked Knife Blocks

If it sits still long enough..... I will paint it!

And as long as the thrift stores keep putting knife blocks on their shelves..... I will keep painting them!

This little knife block duo is a powerful pair in their stately "somewhat" courtly check. It's a cleaner version with just black and white minus the gold and white swipes of MacKenzie Childs. This check stands well on its own..... but also serves well as a backdrop for other designs layered over it such as florals, molds, transfers or even stencils. So let's start these courtly checked knife blocks!

Courtly Checked Knife Blocks by Tracey's Fancy

For those of you that prefer to watch this project take place in video format..... my team and I have created a YouTube video of the process HERE. YouTube Video coming in on Sunday, come on back then!

Both knife blocks started in this standard knife block light finish. After a light scuff sand and a thorough cleaning with White Lightning I "pounced" on two coats of Boss White.

Pouncing is a technique I use instead of brushing the paint on.... when I feel the piece will be put to the test with use. I believe this increases the durability of the finish.

Courtly Checked Knife Blocks by Tracey's Fancy

Courtly Checked Knife Blocks by Tracey's Fancy

Once dry I pounced on a single coat of Saltwater using Silk All-in-One paint.... meaning it has a built in primer and top coat. I chose to use a primer anyway..... as I do with pieces that will get more use than usual.... or will be used in rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen (think steam..... water..... and grease)!

I then used a ruler and a pencil to draw both horizontal and vertical lines creating checks on every surface of the block.

Then using a brand new flat/squared off paint brush..... I filled in every other square with Anchor (black) also by the Silk All-in-One paint. I usually go back over each square again with a second coat of black just to make sure each square is fully covered and completely opaque. I do believe it is important to make sure the paint brush you choose has very crisp bristle edges.... which is why I prefer to start with a new brush vs. a brush that is slightly worn...... it just offers a more crisp edge where the black and the white meet.

Courtly Checked Knife Blocks by Tracey's Fancy

This project went surprisingly fast!!! I have created several knife blocks in the past which usually include a lot of products and different paint techniques. You can see the knife block below where I used a large WoodUBend mold and created a stone-like finish.

And the fresh and happy vibe knife block here where I paired stripes with a gorgeous lemon design transfer.

I like this knife block and the mini-knife block just as they are! I chose the Satin Top Coat as my finish. I will likely apply a coat or two of Gator Hide as well.... since it is the hardiest of all the top coats that Dixie Belle offers!

Courtly Checked Knife Blocks by Tracey's Fancy

Did you see my Salt & Pepper shakers from last week? This black and white check pattern is a hot trend..... it has been for years..... and I honestly believe it always will be..... a timeless classic look that my whimsical heart just loves! I hope you are inspired to paint those boring items in your kitchen soon!

Salt and Pepper Grinders by Tracey's Fancy

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