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10 Creative DIY Decoupage Furniture Ideas for Your Home

The art of decoupage is nothing new! However it has made a powerful comeback in the DIY world! I'm here today to share my TEN favorite DIY decoupage furniture ideas.

Traditionally, decoupage was created by cutting beautiful papers or cloth and applying them to furniture pieces to add visual interest. What I love about today's decoupage is the fact that entire businesses are created just to source, manufacture and market papers for the decoupage lovers!

Gone are the days of being limited to pretty napkins and tissue papers....even wallpapers and magazine photos. Today's market is filled with gorgeous papers of all types printed in the various sizes.....even artwork by your favorite artists that allow their images to be printed as decoupage paper just for furniture artists to create with!

I am not new to decoupage but I did step away from it for several years after burnout from restoring old trunks. I would remove all old materials inside musty old trunks and decoupage gorgeous papers and fabrics inside. It was a lot of work... and sort of a joy suck... so I stepped away.

I've slowly eased my way back into the art of decoupage and I have a new love and appreciation for papers on the market today!

I appreciate the variety of sizes and paper types as well as the ease of use and quick transformation it offers my furniture projects!

If you are a new reader, hello and welcome to the Fancy Fam! With over a decade of furniture painting experience, I can honestly say that sharing my projects through this blog is still my favorite way to inspire! I've got years worth of fun and creative ways to update your home decor and furniture through paint! If this sounds like something you'd like to have delivered to you every Sunday be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter here!


TEN Decoupage Furniture DIY Project Ideas

I've pulled together TEN of my favorite DIY furniture decoupage projects from my blog library to inspire you!

Are you ready? Let's go!

My newest decoupage creation is oddly enough.....a trunk! I only revamped the outside on this one and left the inside original. This bold paper with the single word LIFE seemed like the perfect fit for an antique trunk. The single word is thought provoking and I LOVE the way the bright colors play against the natural tones that I chose to leave raw. Hop on over to the blog HERE for more details and photos.

Decoupage LIFE trunk by Traceys Fancy

Another version of a decoupage trunk is this beauty! I had the honor of updating a dear friends memory box that her dad built for her when she was just a child. She wanted to make it pretty so that when she left this world....someone in her own family would love and appreciate it as much as she had.

I chose a gorgeous decoupage paper and added legs to give it new life. I'm happy to say that my own daughter-in-law now owns this piece..... as her grandmother is now an angel in heaven. See the full blog HERE for more photos and details.

Memory Decoupage Trunk by Traceys Fancy

This stunning vanity was recently updated to be used as a vanity for young girl. I chose a romantic rose paper to decoupage on the drawer fronts. I wanted to make it magical...but not too it could grow with her. This piece was also a family heirloom and I'm honored to have been trusted with it. More photos and DIY details are available in the full blog HERE.

And as an added bonus, this particular blog gives all the detail you need to tackle your very own decoupage project...including curved surfaces and around permanent knobs.

Romantic Rose Decoupage Vanity by Traceys Fancy

Did you know you can decoupage on fabric? Well you sure can...and I did!

I chose this funky tattoo style decoupage paper to take this chair from frumpy to edgy!

The decoupaged fabric has a leather feel to it that is hard to believe until you feel it for yourself! I hope you'll give this a try! Hop on over to the blog HERE for more details and photos.

tattoo decoupage fabric chair by Traceys Fancy


The Art of Fabric Chair Painting

I offer a full tutorial on how to paint on fabric chairs to achieve a soft lasting finish!


Decoupaged furniture does not need to be small! Even if the paper you are using is too small for the can still use it and just fill in the surrounding space with paint! I did this here on the angelic and dreamy headboard! This was a piece I wish I could have kept for myself! See the full blog HERE for more photos and details.

Heavenly Angelic Decoupage Headboard by Traceys Fancy

Sometimes a piece of furniture tells me exactly what it wants....and this was one of those times! This piece wanted tile work down each side and I couldn't believe it when I saw this decoupage tile paper! It completely transformed the look of this simple armoire! The angel wings addition didn't hurt either! You won't believe the before and after! More photos and DIY details are available in the full blog HERE.

mediterranean armoire by Traceys Fancy

Drawer sides seems to be a really popular place to use decoupage papers! I don't do this very often as I really don't see the point.....just being honest. I did however choose to add a pop of color to this little jewelry armoire by doing just that! I will admit...I love the look and think you will too! Head over to the blog HERE for more details and photos.

Nature Inspired Decoupage Jewelry Armoire

This will likely be the most unusual decoupage project on this round-up list! A decoupaged saddle is a must see! Ok, not a real saddle...but it's still a must see! Especially if you believe in zebra-horses! LOL! See the full blog HERE for more photos and details.

Rocking Horse Zebra by Traceys Fancy

You don't need to apply entire sheets of decoupage all at once! You can cut or tear small pieces from larger sheets and use them how you want! I did this here on the pair of Alice Nightstands. I wanted to create a garden beneath the chair she was sitting I simply tore individual flowers from a paper that I liked and applied them beneath the chair. More photos and DIY details are available in the full blog HERE.

Whimsical Alice in Wonderland Decoupage Nightstand

This final decoupage project was done with authentic coffee bean sacks! Yes...I cut up burlap coffee bean sacks and used them on the drawer fronts of a shabby chic/farmhouse vibe desk. The size of the decoupaged space is small....but the impression is large! Visit the blog HERE for more details and photos.

Bean Sack Decoupage Desk by Traceys Fancy

DIY Decoupage Furniture Ideas

So tell me.....are you already designing your next decoupage project in your head?

I encourage you to give this technique a try!


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10 DIY Decoupage Furniture Ideas by Traceys Fancy

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