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EAT GOURDS! My SIX favorite varieties of squash

I LOVE squash and I have my SIX favorite varieties of squash to share with you today.

Squash (or gourds) to many people means...... ECK!

Times have changed y'all....and it's about time you got with the program!

Gone are the days of mushy school cafeteria-style squash......and HELLO to the most beautiful and versatile veggie that is a DAILY staple in my diet (and I really mean daily)!

I eat it because it's good....and it's GOOD for me!

Did you know:

~ it's loaded with fiber which aids in digestion (bye-bye constipation and bloating)

~ it promotes healthy bone structure as it beefs up the production of collagen (take that osteoporosis)

~ it contains betacarotene which supports eye health (because who needs cataracts)

~ it delivers Vitamin C to ward off colds and limit the growth of cancerous cells....because let's face it....that's a good thing

~ it helps to regulate weight and increase energy (and I know this is what most of you are truly after....LOL!)

My SIX favorite varieties of squash and how to prepare them by Fit Fifty and Fearless

My SIX favorite varieties of squash:

Yellow Squash: I cook with this year-round mainly in stir fry with coconut oil and other veggies from the fridge.

Zucchini Squash: I enjoy this in stir fry as well...but also love the zoodle version with marinara sauce and grass-fed ground beef.

Kabocha Squash: I wait all year for this to arrive at my local grocer in the fall/winter. I bake it skin and all....with coconut oil and sea salt! It's to die for...especially if you miss a good ole' steak fry!

Delicata Squash: Another long wait for the fall/winter arrival. This is a dessert squash for me! Coconut oil, sea salt and cinnamon....baked skin and all....for the sweet tooth lovers! You'll be shocked at how sweet this is!

Spaghetti Squash: Baked and shredded and saved to use all week in batches! I use it in my stir fry.....I roast it.....AND I use it under sauces and protein of choice! It's also really good as a base under a bed a leafy green salad!

Butternut Squash: Roasted! Roasted, roasted, roasted! I also use this in soups, stir fry....and don't freak out...but I blend frozen chunks into my smoothies!

I hope this inspires you to add this delicious veggie to your daily nutrient seeking lifestyle!  Check out my 7-Day meal plan HERE for more healthy eating options!

Please share my varieties of squash pins and follow me on Pinterest!

My SIX favorite varieties of squash and how to prepare them by Fit Fifty and Fearless
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