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Elegant Old Hollywood Bed

my Etsy shop….and waited.  And waited and waited.  I waited so long for someone else to see her potential…that eventually I discontinued her Etsy listing as I was almost embarrassed to have a piece of inventory in my shop for so long!!!  So then it just sat there!  This goes completely against what I do!  My joy in this craft is dragging out OLD pieces that have long been forgotten…..dressing them up….and making them worthy of the spotlight again! And here I was….locking her up in the dark….for no one to see…and wondering if she would ever have the chance to be a star! And then one day it just happened! I was contacted by a lady who wanted to stop by and see what I had "available to paint" in my shop. She arrived….. She saw the bed…. And she fell in love!!!! She saw the potential too!!!!

Old Hollywood Bed Makeover | Tracey's Fancy

Repose (a soft warm gray) and accented with Modern Masters Platinum (silver).  The left side is left raw to show you the difference with and without the metallic paint addition.

Old Hollywood Bed Makeover | Tracey's Fancy

shop online and use my coupon code FANCY to get 10% off!! Your purchases will help me earn free paint products so I can keep on fancying up furniture! Thank you! Please add my Old Hollywood Bed to your Pinterest boards! Thank you! And follow me on Pinterest and subscribe to my blog while you're at it!

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