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How to pour an epoxy countertop...and more laundry room updates

I am both excited and a bit overwhelmed at the thought of sharing this epoxy countertop project with you. I think the overwhelm stems from the fact that this project was 99.5% created and completed by Matt.....which makes me feel as if I'll miss something when sharing it with you. I'm going to do my absolute best to cover every detail.....his struggles and his hopes of inspiring you to give this type of project a try in your own home!

How to pour an epoxy countertop and full laundry room makeover | Traceys Fancy

Our laundry room is small. Ok....I realize some of you don't even have a designated laundry room.....but let's all admit we'd like one....and a large one!

Years ago I expressed to Matt that I'd like a folding counter. As he always does.....he delivered! (side note...I can't ask for something outright...I have to plant the seed and it has to be his idea in the end...LOL). He built this counter that goes up and over both the washer and the drier....and even houses the trashcan and a few shelves for storing the trash bag boxes and dog treats...etc. He covered the original cabinet top surface with an iron-on laminate. He also covered the original laminate around the shop sink with the same iron-on laminate. I was so pleased back then.....and I can't imagine the laundry room without it!

Fast forward to 2020....where our decor has changed greatly....and has really lightened up. Our dark gray walls and the dark-fake-laminate countertop was dreary and sad.

Matt became laser-focused on watching these epoxy-resin countertop makeovers and asked if I'd be up for this project in our laundry room! Holy smokes....heck to the yes!!!

After a trial run and sort of disaster on my shop workbench (you can see that below) he decided he was ready to take it inside.

He researched his mistakes.....adjusted his technique...made a new plan....ordered new product and was ready to go!

We started the laundry room makeover with a quick coat of Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray to brighten up the room and match the color throughout the rest of the house.

And then it was down to business with the epoxy countertop pour. There are way too many steps to share this as a true DIY.....but I'll break down his journey as best I can.

Step-by-Step Epoxy Countertop Pour

Old laminate was removed by heating with a heat gun and prying with a knife. This took about 15 minutes. He followed this with a good rough sanding of the surface.

Two coats of Dixie Belle Paint in Fluff (my favorite white ever) was applied as the visible base coat in preparation for the epoxy pour.....and left to dry.

Plastic drop cloths were hung around the cabinet to protect floor and machines from run off as the epoxy is super be sure and wear gloves!

Masking tape was applied around the entire edge to control the flow of run off.

We actually poured this entire project on live video....much to his dismay....and you can catch that right here.....for better understanding of the project.

Matt chose Stone Coat Epoxy Resin for countertops. It has great reviews and is used by many creatives in the industry that we know and trust. A full list of clickable supplies needed is listed at the end of this blog in my shop section.

Base epoxy pour was done first (per their directions) with the color Fluff (white) mixed in (this will be the main color you are after). This was spread around evenly using a 1/8" square gapped trowel until level.

Veins of various colors were then added by using a paint stir stick to drag the colors through the floating base coat of epoxy. We used Rustoleum Spray paint in black, white, metallic gold and metallic silver.

How to pour an epoxy countertop and full laundry room makeover | Traceys Fancy

We then used a blow drier on cool air and even a heat gun to manipulate the veins and blow them into different directions mimicking a natural stone look. (**side note....struggle this point is where the masking tape around your edges should be removed to allow the veins to flow over naturally.....we did not do this soon enough).

How to pour an epoxy countertop and full laundry room makeover | Traceys Fancy

Re-visit the underneath edges as it begins to set to scrape away any drips.

We used a blow torch to bring all bubbles to the surface and allow them to pop. If you don't do will return the next day to visible bubbles sitting on the surface that you didn't realize were don't skip this step. Close the air vents in the room to eliminate flying dust particles.

How to pour an epoxy countertop and full laundry room makeover | Traceys Fancy

We left the project to dry for 48 hours. We then used a fine grit sand paper with an electric sander to remove a bit of dust and a few bubbles that were present.

We then wiped this clean and followed with a glass cleaner

We then re-poured another coat of Stone Coat Epoxy ( paint added) as a final layer with no taped edge allowing it to flow naturally over the we spread with the same 1/8" squared gapped trowel.

Blow torch application done again......3" away from surface moving quickly so you don't scorch any area.....over the entire surface. Do this about 3 times total....about 5 minutes apart. Leave overnight to dry. It is dry to touch in 24 hours....light use after 72 hours and fully cured in 30 days.

How to pour an epoxy countertop and full laundry room makeover | Traceys Fancy


How to pour an epoxy countertop and full laundry room makeover | Traceys Fancy

Matt also added a backsplash to this counter top...and re-cut an entirely new counter for around the sink!

He recreated the same pour technique on the newly built shop sink counter as well. They are a perfect match and I am SUPER impressed by this!

How to pour an epoxy countertop and full laundry room makeover | Traceys Fancy

And last but not if he isn't amazing enough.....he tackled repainting the cabinets as well!

Updated Laundry Cabinets

He sanded down the entire set of cabinets. This is not always necessary....but with years of latex paint layers, it was just time! After TONS of sanding and TONS of dust......poor guy.....he was ready to paint.

He prepped the cabinets with a good washing of White Lightning. He is always so impressed by this product and that says a lot. Matt is NOT easy to impress.....super picky let me just say White Lightning needs to be your go-to prep for projects!

He then applied Dixie Belles BOSS in White to coat the newly exposed raw wood cabinets. This helps to block all possible bleed-through from wood tannins. If you are new to using chalk/mineral type paints....bleed-through can be an issue....and BOSS is a lifesaver for that very reason!

He painted the cabinets in Fluff ( match the new epoxy pour countertops) two solid coats. The beauty of DB is the paint dries so allows you to complete your projects in record time.

How to pour an epoxy countertop and full laundry room makeover | Traceys Fancy

He lightly sanded the surface of the painted cabinets with Dixie Belle's Finishing Pad which allows you to lightly buff your finish into smoothness perfection.

He chose Gator Hide as a top coat....and applied two thin coats....allowing about 2 hours dry time between the two coats.

He then drilled a new hole above the existing hole for the new hardware. We went from a single boring stainless steel the gold handles that we have in our adjoining kitchen for a much more fluid design between the two rooms. All handles were replaced in a jiffy....and this project was complete!!

I LOVE the fresh new white cabinets with the subtle sheen....vs. the layers of old latex paint in a high gloss finish that had really aged and yellowed over time.

How to pour an epoxy countertop and full laundry room makeover | Traceys Fancy

We really did enjoy this project. We plan to do it again soon....likely on an outdoor kitchen/bar area in our near future. Matt has already been asked to help a few friends do this same sort of thing in their homes.....but as of right now he has politely declined. LOL! We really don't plan to add this to our DIY portfolio offerings....but we sure hope to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and do something scary!!!

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The products listed here are what I used for this laundry room makeover including the epoxy countertop project! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! Just click on any of the products shown below! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

Here's how it works...these products are attached to my name. When you purchase by clicking from my blog.....then Dixie Belle offers a kickback to me for referring you! It doesn't cost you any more to use my links....and the support helps me to bring you new projects! So I thank you in advance!!!

Epoxy Countertop Supplies

Laundry Cabinet Supplies

See you next week!



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