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Fall Painted Denim

It's been a hot minute since I painted denim..... and I've missed it! I taught this Fall inspired pumpkin scene in my private group Posh and Fancy in a two hour class..... and it was a huge success! So, here is the Fall Painted Denim!

I am mind blown and my heart is exploding with how receptive the ladies in the group were to learning this technique...... and how fabulous their Fall pumpkin projects are!!

I wanted to share the finished projects with YOU too! I hope it will inspire you to try painted denim..... with any design! I purposefully painted THREE pumpkins in THREE color palettes to show you how versatile it can be!

Fall does not have to be "Fall" colors! Just adding a pumpkin to the design lends it to the idea of Fall! I use Dixie Belle chalk-mineral paints to create on fabric..... for a lasting color-filled design that washes well and wears beautifully! I'll share with you each finished project and the color palette I used to create it!

The teal pumpkin on denim overalls is such a fresh and playful twist on Fall! It plays into my love of cooler color tones!

To achieve this look I used the following colors:

The orange pumpkin on the denim jacket is so moody! Don't you think?

I didn't intend for it to be so deep in color tones.... but I really love that it happened! I added the white splatter to give the effect of a midnight sky with twinkling stars. I think this one may be my favorite! I achieved this look with the following colors:

The gray pumpkin on the denim apron was kept simple on purpose. All of the projects feature the bleached background with a stencil..... and I really wanted to keep that stenciled design as a feature here. So I created a muted pumpkin with just a few colors. Sometimes simple is better!

I created this look with the following colors:

Other than the change in colors.... the exact same technique was used on each project. I have listed below all the things you need to recreate these in a color you choose!

If you'd like to know more about our exclusive group Posh and Fancy..... a place where we dive deep into projects like this one..... you can read more about that HERE. We'd love to have you join us!

Other supplies used: Spray Bottle for bleach & water mix Paints listed above Plastic trash bag

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