“Find your why” to start the New Year

by | Jan 3, 2020

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With the New Year upon us…..I just want to remind you of a few things that I am personally keeping at the forefront of my mind, heart, and soul for the coming year.

1) Find your “why”

2) Make everyday count

3) Be resilient

Find your why by FitFiftyandFearless.com
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Find your “why”

Your “WHY” is your purpose.  It is the guts to your grit.  It is your kryptonite.  It is your reason.  Without it…..then why?

Knowing and understanding your place in this world leads to better mental and physical health.  It is your key to your survival.

Make everyday count

When you have identified your purpose….you are more likely to find meaning in every day! You will move through your days with intention and making a difference in all that you do.  You will even realize the ability you have to make a change in other people’s lives. 

Find your why by FitFiftyandFearless.com
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I’ve spent the last two years….seeking answers to these very questions.  My eyes have been opened to my God-given gifts……and to ways that I can use them on larger platforms to make an impact in other people’s lives besides my own.

I have met such wonderful people and been given opportunities that I never saw coming!

Be resilient

So…let me say this…do not be rigid in YOUR plan.  YOUR plan may not be in line with what GOD has planned FOR you!

Be open to change…..learn to adapt…..BE RESILIENT.

We all know that life throws its fair share of crappy curveballs. It is how we respond to them that matters.

It may have taken a life-threatening illness to make me realize I needed a life “reboot”…..but I’d travel that same scary path tomorrow if that is what it took to bring me to today’s realization!

So I challenge you to answer these questions…

Why are you here?

What difference will you/can you make in someone’s life?

Be prepared to negotiate through challenges…

Which circles you right back around to your WHY! (see what we did there???)

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See you next week!



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