Level up your Furniture Styling & Photographs


I’m sharing my top tips for styling, staging, and photographing your furniture that will gain you likes, follows, and clicks!

I’ll bet most of you are working hard right now to create that unique finish that will blow the minds of those that follow you on social media!  And let me guess, you’ve chosen a piece with potential and character and you’ve spent hours repairing, priming, designing, and painting! You can’t wait to show it off….and you really can’t wait to SELL IT!!!

You post your photos to social media……and……crickets…….

Oh…..there are a few “likes” and “comments”….but let’s face it…..”thumbs up” isn’t going to pay the bills…..or even pay for that next piece that you are already dreaming of creating!

Want me to tell you why?

Your PHOTOGRAPH may need a makeover!

In today’s world of online business….the PHOTO of your furniture becomes more important than anything!

Staging and photography can be challenging….but overcoming those challenges can determine the success of your sales.

I would love to share some of my basic furniture staging and styling tips with you. I really do want you to feel accomplished with each and every furniture piece that your pour your heart into…..

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