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Gray painted bed | an easy bedroom update

Today's blog about this gray painted bed excites me because I know it is without a doubt going to inspire many of you to tackle a project that you've been thinking about for quite some time!!!

Let's paint that big and dark king size bed!!

gray painted leather and wood bed | Tracey's Fancy

You bought it years paid a lot of money for love it....but it just doesn't fit your latest home decor style. I know this well....I've got one myself.....that I just haven't been able to talk Matt into painting yet.

But Hailey and Trevor (my daughter and son in law) are young and daring and decorating their brand new home....and really couldn't look at their dark wood and leather bed for even just one more day!

Tracey's Fancy.....aka Momma/ the rescue!!

I painted the leather panels of the bed in Slick Stick....prior to the live broadcast. The leather was ever so slightly shiny....and I felt it would only help adhesion. I did not prime the wood or the leather with I wasn't concerned about adhesion....or bleed through as they chose a dark gray for their color. This is many of you want to paint your dark bedroom furniture in white or off-white or a pale gray....and I encourage you to prime with BOSS white first!!!

We painted as a family....including three-year-old Harlow (my granddaughter) and it was so much fun!!!

We covered the entire bed...headboard and footboard....wood and leather Dixie Belle's Hurricane Gray. It is a gorgeous gray that remains very neutral and does not pull hues of blue or purple!! I use it A LOT!!! We painted two full coats and let it dry (which is fast y'all.....this paint dries fast).

I then used Dixie Belle's Clear Top Coat in Satin to protect the entire bed. I even used it over the leather panels. Now listen....when I paint a leather chair.....I use a wax to top coat order to keep the seat cushions soft and supple. But the headboard and footboard of this bed.....will not have a heavy human body sitting on them.....only pillows and the weight of someones back leaning against them. So in the name of "keeping it easy" I just brush top coated the entire bed in Clear Coat Satin. Amazingly......the leather still dried with a soft and super supple finish and feel with NO cracking!!!

So in order to enhance the detail, it is wise to apply another product to bring those details forward! I chose my go-to fave....Best Dang Wax in Black!

I applied it to the carvings on the upper area of the headboard and was pleasantly surprised at the look I got!!!

It almost looks like a tooled leather belt or saddle work! None of us expected this.....and we all loved it immediately!

I always love a good surprise!!!

gray painted headboard with stunning accents in best dang wax | Tracey's Fancy

I then applied the best dang black wax around all six leather panels......covering the area where the nails heads were. It was my hope that the dark wax would settle into the crevice of the nail head rims.....bringing them to life......and it worked!!!!

It also offered a deeper shade of gray around each panel...which really brought the panels to light as well!

gray painted leather and wood bed | Tracey's Fancy

Both wax applications were so easy....just brush on heavily....and wipe off lightly with a baby wipe! It is so easy and nothing to be afraid of!

This wax will cure on its've already removed all excess....and it does not need to be sealed!

Just look at the difference in the vibe of their room! What a difference!!

gray painted leather and wood bed | Tracey's Fancy

Here's the side-by-side comparison...We LOVE the new look!

before and after | gray painted leather and wood bed | Tracey's Fancy

Bedroom makeover finishing touches

Now the bed is complete....let’s get the rest of the room put together.

As you can see here in this photo the yellow mirror frames simply no longer go.

gray painted leather and wood bed | Tracey's Fancy

So Harlow and her daddy use Dixie Belle's French Linen to update them....and bring them into the current room aesthetic.

Now newly painted mirrors and lights are hung

gray painted leather and wood bed | Tracey's Fancy

Bedside tables were purchased from At Home.

All bedding and pillows were purchased from Home Goods.

And finally.....I had LOTS of help from Harlow updating the yellow-ish wings and “U”

She used Dixie Belle's Fluff......and I enhanced with a tad bit of Best Dang Wax in black while the Fluff was still give the edges of the wings a shadowed gray and softer look! Harlow may be the best assistant I've ever had!

And just for is a clip of little Harlow helping me brighten up the letter "U" and angel wings that hang above their bed.

So I hope this blog has your wheels turning!!! I hope it is exactly what you needed to give you the guts to tackle your bed! I'm also hoping it has planted the seed for consider doing our own!

See More Bed Inspiration...

Maybe this bed isn't exactly the right look for your space.... No problem! I have created many many headboards over the are some of my favorites! Be sure to scroll through to see them all! I'd love for you to check out my boho gypsy bed or my whimsical pop art bed for more inspiration!

A huge thank you to Hailey and Trevor for allowing so many of us into their home for a live video broadcast!!!! Thank you all for being such a warm and supportive audience!

It makes going LIVE very enjoyable!

Shop: Gray Painted Bed

The products listed here are what I used for this gray painted bed! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! Just click on any of the products shown below! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

Here's how it works...these products are attached to my name. When you purchase by clicking from my blog.....then Dixie Belle offers a kickback to me for referring you! It doesn't cost you any more to use my links....and the support helps me to bring you new projects! So I thank you in advance!!!

See you next week!



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gray painted leather and wood bed | Tracey's Fancy

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