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Halloween Decor


Yes, I still love Jesus! No I do not worship the devil!

I just love the opportunity to be a little spooky and dress up in costume and decorate my home and eat lots of candy!

AND.....I had a baby on Halloween 27 yrs ago....which only amplified our love of celebrating with a costume party every year!!

So come on in! Let's take a little tour of my super simple Halloween decor that is easy to achieve with minimal effort!!!

Halloween Decor Ideas Tracey's Fancy

This year my decorating has been so satisfying to me!

It is the first year EVER that my Halloween decor actually jives with the color scheme in my home!

I realize there are many of you that probably don't lose sleep over things like this....but for me the struggle is real folks! So this Halloween I am sleeping like a baby!

Halloween Decor Ideas Tracey's Fancy

From my harlequin wall to my black painted table to my wild office wall paper and my light and bright breakfast all works together perfectly!

Can you believe those faux candelabras are foam??? And they come in two pieces that slide together?? They are a fave of mine! How easy would it be to DIY a pair that you cut from thin wood...and paint and glitter..and slide together!

And my checkered pumpkins are so easy to make in like FIVE me here! AND they will work for both Halloween AND Thanksgiving...bonus!

Halloween Decor Ideas Tracey's Fancy

Ok....I know the weird zombie girl is a little creepy...but my 11-year-old loves know!

But my silver leafed pumpkin sure looks pretty on that cake stand! And its a super easy DIY that you can check out here! (and notice how I mix silvers AND golds in my's okay, I promise)

Halloween Decor Ideas Tracey's Fancy

These purple glitter witch boots have been in my decor stash for probably 7 years!!! They look sooooo good in my office with my crazy loud wallpaper!

Halloween Decor Ideas Tracey's Fancy

I have a lot of "smalls" that I like to stick around in unexpected this creepy little witch fairy that I plopped into my office chandelier!

Halloween Decor Ideas Tracey's Fancy

Not everything has to be creepy! My bread bowl is stuffed with pumpkins and cotton and antlers...much more the look of fall...but it still works with the surroundings!

Upscale Farmhouse Painted Pumpkins - Tracey's Fancy

As we move into my family room.....glittered skeletons that I bought in the dollar section at Target...grace the wall decor above the couch! ( is missing a leg)

Halloween Decor Ideas Tracey's Fancy Square
Halloween Decor Ideas Tracey's Fancy Square
Halloween Decor Ideas Tracey's Fancy Square

Every year I display photos of past Halloweens! My adult kids enjoy this tradition! These are photos of my own children...not the grandchildren...and even one of myself....I obviously need to start a new display for the grandbabies! They came in these kids superhero capes and villain costumes last year and I took the cutest photos of them.

Halloween Decor Ideas Tracey's Fancy Square

And talk about an easy and CHEAP DIY!!! These spooky little dudes I picked up at Roundtop a few years ago...and I will admit I paid way too much! Just jig these out of wood...spray them white and sprinkle on some glitter! (

Halloween Decor Ideas Tracey's Fancy Square

My breakfast table is the stage for this glitter coated metal skeleton wedding couple! It is much larger than it appears in this photo...probably a good 24" long x 18" tall....and just hilarious to me! This is probably my 5th year with this masterpiece!

Halloween Decor Ideas Tracey's Fancy Square

This Halloween scrap garland hangs directly behind the table with the skeleton couple. I did NOT make this garland...but I've made several others! This one is loaded with burlap and fall colored fabric scraps and even Halloween printed paper squares! All of the scraps are tied to a length of jute. SOOOOOO simple!!! It's a DIY just waiting to happen! It's easy to store...can be custom colored for any decor....and fluffs right up year after year!

Halloween Decor Ideas Tracey's Fancy Square

So somehow we missed this lovely lady that greets you at the front door! She hangs right inside the entry...and is so ugly that you can't help but love her! I've had her for probably 10 years!! She is my friend! She is proud of her nose moles...she flaunts her oversized man hands....she appreciates nail art.....she dons a leopard scarf, a velvet jacket and spiderwebbed boots....and has a feather stuck in her hat! She's all about the details!

And last but by NO means coffee bar!

Yes.....that says "coffin break" ....and yes Jack Skellington has a coffee cup in his hand....and this makes me love him so much more!!!

Are those ceramics?? Painted ceramics like we made as kids?? Yes, they are! My precious grandmother made me that little ghost candy dish and I now use that to hold my coffee pods (note...only one remains...I need to make a coffee run). Don't worry.....I have TWO of those candy dishes and yes...the other is filled with candy corn as intended! And that ceramic witch mug sitting on the Keurig was made by my husband when he was a child! Two ceramic pieces that have survived years and years of packing and unpacking....and I hope they survive many more!

Thank you for joining me here today! We'll do this again at Christmas!


I found some fun Halloween decor for you! Some of these are affiliate links, I'm not getting rich but your purchases do help my blog -- so thank you!

I had to add some Día de Muertos decor in there because I love sugar skulls ...

I hope you have a Happy Halloween and have tons of fun decorating for it!

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See you next week!



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