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Meet Lynne

Lynne, a member of The Best You who just celebrated one year in the program, struggled with horrible eczema before starting her AIP journey. Now she can say that it has almost completely cleared up! Wait until you see the pictures... Continue reading to hear her AIP...

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What are tiger nuts anyway?

Tiger what?  Tiger nuts…..but they are not nuts….and they don’t have a thing to do with tigers.  LOL! Who names foods anyway??? I had never heard of tiger nuts until I began cleaning up my diet and lifestyle.   I was a huge peanut butter and jelly girl! ...

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Meet Lonnie M.

Lonnie, a member of The Best You for 150+ days, struggled with a long list of health issues - severe depression, anxiety, and chronic name a few. After only a few months in The Best You, she is off the couch and living life! She is enjoying time with her...

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Meet Karen B.

Karen has been a member of The Best You for 120+ days. She was encouraged to join the group after following the successes of a friend and a fellow member. She was starting to feel out of control with health issues and was hoping to avoid medicines. Since being in the...

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