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Hidden Whimsy End Table

A hidden whimsical touch.

Showing the hidden whimsical wonderland transfer element on the sides of the drawer

If this Hidden Whimsy End Table taught me anything, it's this: there is ALWAYS some form of growth or realization when working on projects outside of my comfort zone.

I am here to admit....this project actually taught me two more things:

1. Mid-century modern furniture is not a style I enjoy working on. Although I do love the look of its simple and straight lines, I much prefer to create on curves and carvings!

2. I much prefer to work with dark wax over dark glazes.

I accepted this project from a good friend of mine. The table means a lot to her as it was her dad's. She was really hoping I could give it a little personality and make it just a bit more special as the original finish just didn't work with her home décor.

Client end table that Tracey's Fancy was asked to repurpose or upcycle

Check out the full process on YT!!

Rolling up my sleeves and creating a custom-color for the base

I was challenged to create a custom shade of blue that matched another piece of hers. It was blue with a black brushed glaze over it. The color was achieved by mixing Dixie Belle's Antebellum Blue with Bunker Hill Blue (80/20).

I cleaned the piece thoroughly and primed it with a single coat of Boss Grey using a roller.

Primed Hidden Whimsy End Table using BOSS in grey

I then painted the piece in two coats of the special blue blend.

Using a mini brush to apply custom paint color made with antebellum blue and bunker hilll blue onto Hidden Whimsy End Table

Using big daddy brush to apply custom blue color with Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint

Using a paint roller to apply blue chalk mineral paint in custom blue onto Hidden Whimsy End Table

Pink Obsession

My friend mentioned that she likes to add small pops of bold pink to her home.

The small rattan drawer front was the perfect place to bring in that color.

I mixed Dixie Belle's Peony with Plum Crazy (60/30) for a pink that wasn't too loud for this toned-down blue before applying two coats of this color to the drawer.

Applying custom pink color made with peony and plum crazy onto front drawer of Hidden Whimsy End Table

Painting on custom pink chalk mineral paint color onto Hidden Whimsy End Table
Showing off finished drawer on Hidden Whimsy End Table piece

A peek of whimsy with the Whimsical Wonderland Transfer

While the paint colors were drying, I applied the Whimsical Wonderland transfer to the sides of the drawer for a sweet little surprise!

Using Whimsical Wonderland Transfer to add pop of design and color to Hidden Whimsy End Table drawer

I LOVE the hidden florals, and this specific transfer looks amazing with these two custom colors!

Applying transfer onto side of Hidden Whimsy End Table drawer

Burnishing transfer for smooth application onto drawer of Hidden Whimsy End Table

Showing off the pops of color from the transfer and custom color combo on the Hidden Whimsy End Table

Sealing it

The transfer was sealed with a single coat of Top Coat Satin by Dixie Belle.

Once the paint was fully dry, I began the glazing technique.

I used VooDoo Gel stain in Black Magic to achieve this brushed-on glazed look of her other furniture piece.

Using Voodoo dark stain for Hidden Whimsy End Table to add depth to color

It's ironic that I was aiming to create a brushed-on look after using a roller to give a perfectly smooth finish with no brush strokes!

I applied the gel stain with a soft mini synthetic brush working in small sections at a time. Once the small section was fully covered with the gel stain, I used a natural bristle brush to pull through the stain, leaving that brushed-on glazed look.

Using a small brush to apply voodoo stain onto Hidden Whimsy End Table

Finished application of VooDoo Stain onto Hidden Whimsy End Table

It is not an easy finish, even though it sounds like it might be.

You have to really be careful in your corners and around edges to not allow stains to overlap while also making sure you leave no paint "unstained".

If you mess up (which I did many times), this gel stain is water based so you can wipe it off with a damp rag or baby wipe and start over.

Thank goodness! I had lots of "start overs"!

Once fully dry, I used a roller to apply Gator Hide as a top coat for the best-lasting durability.

Completed view of Hidden Whimsy End Table project

This Hidden Whimsy End Table got a new lease on life!

I am honored to have had the opportunity to dress up this special table for my friend!

However, I am quite sure I will not work on an MCM piece for a while, and will most likely not choose the "brushed glaze" finish.....EVER!

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Products used:

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