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Free Ultimate Furniture Painting Guide

How to Add Graphics to Furniture

I love graphics….and I adore words on furniture!

I painted this dresser by hand…..long before I was aware of Decor Transfers that can be used on furniture! Sure could have saved myself a ton of time….oh well! Let me pass that time savings on to you!

(This post contains affiliate links for products I use and love, and may make a nominal commission if you purchase. Thank you!)

Furniture Graphics & Painted Dresser Ideas | Tracey's Fancy

I painted this dresser with Irish Cream by Heirloom Traditions Paint Company. It is my go-to white when I'm looking for something soft without being too creamy in color. I love it….and you should try it! Their paints are superior! (Use FANCY when checking out to save 10%)

The furniture graphics were done by hand….after using a projector (like this one) to project this specific image onto the dresser surface….tracing it out with a pencil…and then coloring in the lines! It sounds tedious…but I absolutely love doing this type of thing. It does require a steady hand though….and many of you claim that you do not have that! So this is what I suggest…

Amazon carries transfers by IOD. This company offers a multitude of products that can be used on furniture… their molds that you make yourself and I LOVE! You can see a gorgeous desk that I used the molds AND their stamps on here. Their transfers come in all sizes and are perfect for this exact same look!!! I am including a link to one transfer here. It is the same dimensions…and will fit perfectly across a low wide dresser like this one. In my opinion, the transfers look best on white furniture….so this is perfect! You literally just peel back a protective coat….stick to the furniture…and rub with the little rubbing tool that is included. Their packaging is lovely….and instructions are clear! You really can't mess it up!

I hope this is helpful for those of you that would like this look…but don't feel comfortable with such detail work.

Furniture Graphics & Painted Dresser Ideas | Tracey's Fancy

I also used furniture tacks to trim out the lower skirt of this dresser…and you can order those here.


If you buy these paint supplies from my online shop, use FANCY to save 10% off your order, plus you'll get free shipping on orders over $75. Your purchases will help me continue blogging so thank you, thank you!



I would love for you to pin my furniture graphics dresser and follow me on Pinterest!

How to add Furniture Graphics, French Stenciled Furniture and Painted Dresser Ideas | Tracey's Fancy
How to add graphics to furniture and how to make furniture graphics the easy way! | Furniture Painting tips by Tracey's Fancy
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