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Sunny Daze: How to Apply Decoupage Paper on Wicker

I love a good chunky end table with turned legs and loads of carved detail.

And while I'd love to write this blog about the use of dark wax over light paint to bring out the details of the carvings......

Instead, I am going to focus on the fact that I chose to decoupage the wicker top surface.....having no clue how it would turn out....and I love it! 

sunny daze decoupage on wicker end table by Traceys Fancy

If you are a new reader, hello and welcome to the Fancy Fam! With over a decade of furniture painting experience, I can honestly say that sharing my projects through this blog is still my favorite way to inspire! I've got years worth of fun and creative ways to update your home decor and furniture through paint! If this sounds like something you'd like to have delivered to you every Sunday be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter here!


But First...The Before!

And my son, Brody...always ready to help in my studio and it makes my heart happy having him here!!

wicker table before decoupage paper

Supplies Used

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This post may contain affiliate links. I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

Start with Applying Paint and Wax to Furniture

So let me quickly run through the painting process of this table and then we will get to the good stuff of today!

Clean and Paint the Entire Piece First

It was cleaned with White Lightning and rinsed well with water.

I painted the entire table including the wicker top in two coats of Drop Cloth which is a fantastic off white that isn't too yellow....and allowed to dry.

PRO TIP: In preparation for the dark wax process ahead, I applied a thin single coat of Top Coat in Satin to the entire table and allowed to dry.

Note: At this point, I did apply the decoupage next but we are going to skip to the dark waxing of the legs and carved skirt.

Add Wax to Bring the Carvings to Life!

Using Best Dang Wax in Brown, I worked in sections by liberally applying the dark wax and then wiping away with a damp cloth. 

hand holding best dang wax

I removed as much wax as possible leaving the dark buried in the crevices of the carvings. 

This process makes the carvings that were lost in the all white color.....completely come to life! 

white table with best dang wax application by Traceys Fancy

It is a really fun process but can be nerve wracking for a beginner. However the tip of applying the satin top coat and allowing it to dry....and THEN starting the dark wax process is a game changer.  The wax is so easy to use and remove with the satin top coat as a base. 

I do hope you will try's very satisfying!  

white table with best dang wax application by Traceys Fancy

I continued the waxing process to in sections over the legs and all four skirting sides. 

How to Apply Decoupage Paper to Wicker

I chose the Sunny Daze A1 Decoupage paper for the top of this table.  I love the watercolor sunflower....and sunflowers are my favorite flower! 


Read Decoupage 101 on Wood Furniture Blog HERE (including curved surfaces)

Or... Watch my Decoupage YouTube video HERE.

Or... Learn How to Decoupage on FABRIC  HERE.



Sizing the Decoupage Paper (not so formal way... works for me!)

I laid the paper down and used my fingernail to press it into the square perimeter to make a crease in the paper.

Using scissors I trimmed out my paper based on the creased line.  

PRO TIP: I held up the paper that I was planning to apply and lightly misted it with water and set it aside.  This helps you paper to "pre-stretch" before you lay it down which makes less wrinkles.


Laying the Decoupage Paper on The Wicker Surface

Using Top Coat in Satin again, I applied a liberal coat to 1/2 of the wicker surface.

I then laid the sunflower paper down (face up) and pressed it into the wet top coat. 

applying sunny daze decoupage on wicker end table by Traceys Fancy

The paper is strong enough to lift and reposition should you need to.  

I then used a wadded up ball of saran wrap to smooth out any wrinkles. 

Note: This decoupage paper was actually two different pieces so I had to repeat the above steps for both pieces.

Sealing the decoupage paper

I applied another liberal coat of Top Coat Satin on top of the paper this time......the entire design....began smoothing out any remaining wrinkles. 

top coating sunny daze decoupage on wicker end table by Traceys Fancy

I absolutely love how this design looks over the wicker!!!

The wicker adds a texture element that just brings the whole flower to life!

I love the way the light bounces off of each little curve of the wicker! I am so happy with this result!


STEP BY STEP GUIDE How to Apply Decoupage HERE...including curved surfaces and around permanent drawer pulls!

Watch the Full Decoupage Process on YouTube HERE.

Learn How to Decoupage on FABRIC  HERE.


Adding Dark Wax around Edges for Smoky Look

Once dry it was time to dark wax the top surface of the table to match the legs and skirting.

I love dark waxing around decoupage paper.

I applied the Best Dang Wax around the entire perimeter of the paper and blended it out toward the flower using my french tip brush.

sunny daze decoupage on wicker end table by Traceys Fancy

This creates a smoky look and really allows the center with the art to be the center of attention.  

One Final Element of Texture

I left this overnight to dry and returned to apply a dry brushing technique over every surface.

I used Fluff for this...which is a soft white. 

applying white with dry brush technique

This just adds one more element of texture. 

It is honestly barely noticeable...but I love the subtle hue of highlight that it offers. 


white dry brush technqiue on table leg

How to apply dry brush technique

To dry brush, I just load the very tips of the (dry) brush bristles only......and then blot off almost every bit of it.  

I then just work my brush briskly and lightly over every square inch of the piece....reloading and blotting off with the Fluff when needed.  

The Finished Look

This table is done!

sunny daze decoupage on wicker end table by Traceys Fancy

We've got 2 layers of paint, a coat of sealer, a layer of dark wax, two more coats of sealer on the decoupage, and a thin coat of dry brushed paint to bring it home!

All in all, every process was enjoyable and I am quite satisfied with the results.

sunny daze decoupage on wicker end table by Traceys Fancy

However I am crazy excited with how the decoupage looks over the wicker and I highly recommend you consider this technique with any worn out or discolored tightly woven wicker that you come across.  

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sunny daze decoupage paper on wicker end table by Traceys Fancy

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