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by | Dec 10, 2019

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Kim has been a member of The Best You for 180+ days. With her 60th birthday fast approaching, Kim decided she was ready to make a change. Through 6 months in The Best You, she is feeling better, losing weight and has the energy to spend time with her grands and has found her creative side again! And as Kim says…”my biggest success is choosing ME!” Continue reading for more of Kim’s story…

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Where do you live (city/state)?
Cape Girardeau, MO

What is your WHY for joining The Best You and eating AIP? Do you have a specific diagnosis?
My “why” most definitely is my health. I lost my Dad a year ago, my mom 8 years ago. I’m the oldest of 3 so my mortality kind of slapped me in the face. I was edging the 300 lb mark, which I NEVER disclose and someone made a comment that if you eat and live like your parents, chances are you just might pass the way they did. You know the old saying…everyone in my family had it, I probably will too. ? I knew I HAD to change. I was coming upon my 60th birthday and I had to choose. The past or the present. I can’t bring back my parents however I can sure try to have good quality time with my kids and my grands. They are my future. “I” am my future!

I was coming upon my 60th birthday and I had to choose. The past or the present.

Also, a comment my mother made a week or two before she passed (pancreatic cancer), most people have hopes, dreams, and wishes and mine are all gone. I DON’T want this to be me.

November 6thm was a milestone day for me. On November 6th, I was 8 years cancer-free, I had my thyroid removed, stage one. I was 8 years cigarette free and it was 6 mos. since starting this program. After my thyroid came out I spiraled downhill and gained 60 lbs to my already overweight body. I’ve been at a stall for the past couple weeks however I’m right at having that weight off and now on to the rest. I still struggle a bit with sleep however my energy is increasing daily and I am starting to live my life once again. Hopefully, this will be The Best Me Ever!:)

How did you learn about The Best You?
I’ve followed Tracey’s Fancy and when she became sick my heart hurt for her. I continued to watch her overcome and she completely WOW’d me! There are 30 and 40-year-olds that are not as healthy and looks as great as she does.

My biggest success is choosing ME!

When did you join The Best You? What is your #number (days AIP / age)?
Joined May 6, 2019 #177

Share your successes!!
My biggest success is choosing ME! The weight has continually come off and I’ve got a little more pep in my step these days. I’m unlearning so many unhealthy eating habits as well. I’m a sugar addict so there have been a few hard times however fruit has been my go-to along with the chocolate smoothies. The fact that I’m even sharing full body shots of myself is a success. I rarely take them and never show them. My biggest plus is my creativity has returned!:)

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I NEVER believed I could do this. I’ve completely shocked my own self. So just TRY!

Have you re-introduced any foods yet? If yes, what and what were the results?
Yes…I have had eggs, sparingly. I have added almonds. I have no plans to reintroduce dairy or grains. I did have a small cup of chili at a gathering, I thought well guess we’ll find out! I didn’t notice anything major from that. I’m pretty committed to the fact that this will be my new lifestyle.

What tricks/tips made this life easier?
Mine was the smoothies, fruit and really diving into my crafts. I joined Tracey’s Whimsy Tree class and working on those in the evenings kept me from thinking about food.

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List your top AIP go-to meals
Chicken stir fry with pineapple, inside/out egg roll and grilled chicken salads.

List your favorite AIP snacks
Melons, apples and I have a chocolate brownie/cake recipe I make once in a while.

How do you stay AIP compliant outside your home (work, social gatherings, traveling, etc)?
I always bring my own drinks and snacks. Salads are always a go-to however sometimes that can be hard. I keep stevia packets in my purse and sometimes a small container of dressing! Lol!

What other lifestyle implements have helped with your success (sleep, stress management, exercise)?
I started grief counseling after the passing of my Dad so I’ve also had some help working on my “interior” as well. Learning other options other than emotional eating. Also spending more playtime with my grands. Making memories.:)

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What advice would you give to someone just starting The Best You?
First, I NEVER believed I could do this. I’ve completely shocked my own self. So just TRY! Never get ahead of the program. I believe that was extremely beneficial to my success and having even one person willing to support you.

Our group has one of the best support systems and I’ve leaned on that quite a bit. Knowing you’re not alone helps more than you can ever imagine.

Our group has one of the best support systems and I’ve leaned on that quite a bit. There have been many who have made fun of what I’m doing and even blatantly eaten sweets and fast foods in my face. Knowing you’re not alone helps more than you can ever imagine.

If you are inspired by Kim and want to learn more about The Best You, click HERE to learn more and join our group!

Or if you are a current member with more than 60 days, please submit your story HERE to be featured as an AIP Warrior!

I have the most AMAZING group of women working through the AIP lifestyle together! Becoming the best version of themselves! They are changing their bodies from the inside out with real food, seeing real results and just feeling great!! Find The Best YOU! Click HERE for more information…

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