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Meet Vicky F.

Vicky has been a member of The Best You for 90+ days. She had lost her passion and ambition and had been feeling bad for a long time - so much so that sometimes it hurt just to be touched. She consulted several doctors but nothing worked. Through the Best You, she has decided to make her health her priority. Continue reading for more of Vicky's story...

Vicky F before

Vicky F after

Where do you live (city/state)? New York

What is your WHY for joining The Best You and eating AIP? Do you have a specific diagnosis? I was feeling bad, like pain in my body. It hurt to be touched sometimes. I had no passion for anything. I started going to doctors. I saw a rheumatologist, an endocrinologist, and a neurologist. I went to physical therapy. Nothing helped.

"I was feeling bad, like pain in my body. It hurt to be touched sometimes. I had no passion for anything."

I tried Isagenix, a shake and cleanse/and fasting diet that worked for a minute and was very expensive. I was dangerously low in vitamin D and my cholesterol was high...and I hardly ate vegetables or salad. Don’t get me wrong...I made them...but didn’t eat them. I ate carbs.

I love to paint. I’ve been painting furniture as long as I’ve been married like what’s happening now on Facebook and I saw Tracy. I thought she was an adorable happy little thing. I love MacKenzie Childs and Tracy was all about it. I started collecting paint while still in bed. Zero ambition. House messy...I just stopped caring.

How did you learn about The Best You? One day, I saw an old video of Tracy...real chunky. ? I thought, what happened to her? I never thought she got sick because she looked so darn good! I messaged her immediately...and asked if she would share how she made her transformation. She said, "of course, I have a new group starting in about 10 days..." I looked up AIP and began that day. I gave up most things right then and there...and the rest is still my journey.

When did you join The Best You? What is your #number (days AIP / age)? Joined September 2019

Share your successes!! My success is finding my joy in something I can do. I’ve made myself MY project.

"I’ve made myself MY project."

Have you re-introduced any foods yet? If yes, what and what were the results? Yes...white rice, I’ll change to brown soon. Eggs, mayo, some things made of corn. Hard cheeses like parmesan romano. I will try feta next. And pistachios and almonds.

What tricks/tips made this life easier? When making homemade bone broth, I use the meat in other recipes. But I always have a jar of it ready or defrosting. It is my food!

List your top AIP go-to meals... Air fryer "fried" chicken and sweet potato fries with some honey and carrots. Stir fry. Cold fried apples.

List your favorite AIP snacks... Nuts, sweet potato chips with guacamole, bananas, apples.

How do you stay AIP compliant outside your home (work, social gatherings, traveling, etc)? I ALWAYS have an apple or 2 in my purse...also every store has bananas. I might bring a shake with me. I have brought my air fryer to visit people and made fried chicken with a dusting of cassava flour for all.

"I ALWAYS have an apple or two in my purse."

What other lifestyle implements have helped with your success (sleep, stress management, exercise)? I use a yoga sling for stretching and strength training.

What advice would you give to someone just starting The Best You? I would say TRY IT. You’ve probably tried a lot of things to feel better. It’s cheaper then weight watchers. It will change your mindset.

"This is a program you will FEEL first on the inside, then see on the outside."

This is a program you will FEEL first on the inside, then see on the outside. The change of you, to your new Best You, is priceless.’s a sweet potato to get you started. ?

If you are inspired by Vicky and want to learn more about The Best You, click HERE to learn more and join our group!

Or if you are a current member with more than 60 days, please submit your story HERE to be featured as an AIP Warrior!

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