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School of Mermaid Chairs

Then welcome to the "school"!!!!

Mermaid Chair | Tracey's Fancy

When I brought my mermaid chair vision to reality back in March of 2016, I never imagined I would be painting mermaid chairs around the clock for days on end! There is not a day that goes by that you will not find me surrounded by brightly-colored swimming beauties in my shop!

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Painting Mermaid Chair | Tracey's Fancy

In fact……meet Sadie….the proud owner of the very first Mermaid Chair sold! Her mommy sent this picture to me….Sadie in her Mermaid pajamas reading her favorite Mermaid book…..sitting in her very own Mermaid Chair!

Mermaid Chair | Tracey's Fancy

The matching armchairs below traveled all the way to New York! Those mermaid chairs will be enjoyed by a young girl as part of a reading nook. My Mermaid Chairs have traveled to Florida, California, Texas, Virginia and Louisiana. They now belong to several young girls, a physician, two sisters with a long running "mermaid joke", a hair dresser, and many other mermaid lovers. My mermaid chairs are now being sold in a few boutiques here in Texas and soon to be Florida!

Mermaid Chair | Tracey's Fancy

Here are some more of my painted Mermaid Chairs!!! Which ones are your fave??

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You can find my fave same mineral paint colors with Dixie Belle Paint Company.These are all affiliate links of which I could make a small commission, so thank you, thank you! You can also my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.



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Who loves mermaids!?! Tracey's Fancy paints these gorgeous, vibrant mermaid chairs on second hand upholstered and fabric chairs. | How to Paint Fabric Chairs
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