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Mickey Tea Pot

Evidently Mickey and Minnie have some very serious fans!!  I've now completed a file cabinet AND a Mickey tea pot set for someone very serious about their #teamdisney stance! Today I bring you the sweetest little tea set you ever did see!

I've painted plenty of tea sets over the last year... but not one has given off a happy vibe like this one!

I started with a fairly basic tea set this time.  It was truly a perfect canvas as it had no carvings or appliques or fancy curves to work around. 

As always I coated with two coats of Slick Stick followed by a single coat of Fluff from the Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint line.  The Slick Stick is vital in this painting process.... please do not skip this step.  It creates a perfect substrate for your paint design to adhere to.

I then drew my Mickey & Minnie design onto the creamer and sugar bowls.  I knew I wanted each piece to represent each little mouse!  I gave Mickey a shirt collar and Minnie a scalloped collar by just painting the body of each pot in Honky Tonk Red..... and leaving the collar areas white.   You can see the resemblance already and they've only just begun!  I finished out the little pots with polka dots (made with pencil eraser as a stamp) and outlined all areas with a tiny liner brush and Caviar black.

Once the tea pot was covered in two coats of Honky Tonk Red (and let dry) I added evenly spaced polka dots in Fluff.... using my "brush spin" technique that you can see in the YouTube video linked at the end of this blog. 

I chose to use Minnie's hat as the inspiration for the tea pot lid...... by drawing the daisy around the lid handle.... and adding my favorite black and white stripes to draw attention to it.  I then did the same thing on the lid of the sugar bowl.  The daisy was painted with none other than the yellow Daisy paint by DB.

The gold of the handles and legs is Gemstone Mousse in Gold I ALWAYS infuse the mousse with gloss top coat to make a very smooth gold paint that is easy to apply and still sparkles and shines!  This infused mousse dries quickly and is very durable. 

Now for the tray!!  I really felt the whole set needed more yellow and this was where I chose to bring it in!  Yellow (Daisy) and white (Fluff) checks!  I painted the entire tray in Fluff (after two coats of Slick Stick of course).   I  then measured and marked this pattern with a ruler and drew it out with a pencil.   I painted in every other square with Daisy.

I trimmed the tray in Caviar to really make the yellow and white check pattern pop!  It seemed to need a touch of red... so I randomly applied small red polka dots to form a square.... using the pencil eraser to make the dots. 

I finished off this set with two sprayed coats of Gator Hide for lasting durability!  I hope you can appreciate its whimsical flare as much as I do!  There are NO limits when creating these tea pot set!  All you need is a little courage to step into your ideas! Have you tried painting a tea set yet?

Mickey Tea Pot by Tracey's Fancy

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