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A Military Trunk Heirloom Gets New Life

I can't even believe how cute this old military trunk/foot locker turned out!

Honestly.....when my client dropped it off.....I wondered how in the world I was going to turn something so boring and boxy and primitive into something that a seven year old little girl would be proud of!?!?

Wait until you see the "before" photos...

THAT big grey/green chunky lump of ugly just left me without much inspiration! So I decided to give it a good prime coat with BOSS by Dixie Belle I had no idea how many coats of "what" might be under that military color. So before I poured several hours into painting.....I primed!

And once it was white....I actually started to see a was only a glimpse....but it was better than nothing!

All little girls like to see their name! I decided to use one of my "homemade" patterns that I use frequently on furniture and signs. It's just a pattern that I cut from a roll of craft paper....I have them in many sizes. I lay it out...trace around it...and fill it in with paint. In this case I used two coats of Fluff by Dixie Belle. You can see this same pattern used on my Hello Gorgeous vanity well as the stripes!

I then gave the other three sides two coats of Fluff as well. I painted around my pattern on the lid in Tea Rose.

I then taped off the front and both sides for a stripe pattern. Don't forget to seal the edges of your tape with your base coat color and let dry before you continue with your stripe color. This will keep you from experiencing "bleed through".....and save you a ton of trouble!

I then traced out circles on the top surface. I used a medicine bottle lid for the circles inside the name pattern.....and a olive jar lid for the circles outside the name pattern. You know.....the old fashioned way of tracing....and then filling in with paint! Be resourceful!!!

And finally.....I hand lettered her name right smack in the middle! If you'd like to learn more about hand lettering.....I offer an online tutorial showing you my tricks! You can check that out here! It is a skill you will use over and over for years to come!

Isn't it beautiful??? I can't even believe it is the same box!!! I trimmed it out with my favorite gold paint...which just took it up a fancy notch....and made it so much more girly!

I sealed the entire box with Gator Hide....for long lasting durability! I hope this little seven year old enjoys it...and that her grandma is impressed with the outcome as I am!


The products listed here are exactly what I used for this project! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! You can also my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

Fluff DBP

Tea Rose Dixie Belle

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