My Story

My Story (the crazy-short version)

….because it would take a lifetime to relive it….. My 20’s married and raising babies and feeling invincible. My 30’s single, raising teens and chasing a career in nursing and exhausted. My 40’s re-married, raising another baby, building my brand as a creative and still exhausted. 52…..still married, raising a tween, being a grandma, running a business, overweight, unhealthy, blindsided  with a life-changing illness and terrified. INSERT: complete diet overhaul and healthy lifestyle decisions and execution 54… ”madly in love” married with a new level of passion and adoration, now raising a teen, 4.5 grandkids, building a rapidly growing online business, more vibrant and healthy than I’ve ever been, experiencing more energy than should be legal, and on a mission to guide every single exhausted and exasperated woman of the world into a life of clarity and freedom through simple healthy lifestyle changes.


Tracey Bellion


So what can you expect?

If you are 20-something…..listen up……LOVE yourself first…you need it to sustain you for what is to come! If you are 30-something…..slow down just long enough to regroup and reboot… are just in time! If you are 40 something……just stop…..and lets rewire your thinking!  It won’t take long….and the new healthy path is going to blow your mind! If you are 50 something…..take note….you’ve probably got a little more time to reflect….and you will wish you’d done this earlier….but now is SO much better than never…..the body is an amazing thing….and is just waiting for you to take charge! If you are 60 plus….it is NOT too late!  I’m so glad you are here!  Over the last year I have served as a guide to many women in their 60’s and 70’s that put my plan into action and are experiencing life with more passion and vibrancy than they’ve ever known! They are realizing life long dreams, tapping into talents they didn’t know they had…..and living without fear and pain for the first time in years! We may bounce between blueberries and blow driers to bra-lattes and barstools……from week to week!  But I assure you….it will be honest….and heartfelt…..and entertaining! I’m wide open to topics and/or products you would like me to cover and review!  Just shoot me an email and I’ll take your suggestion into consideration!



My Story from the Beginning…(the extra long version for those who want to know more)


From January 2018, when I decided to commit to clean-eating journey of Fancy Food Friday

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I’ve spent the last 8 years painting my way through my every day!  I made the choice to enter and expose my creative works to the social media arena about 5 years ago….sharing my projects, my successes, my failures,  my family, my struggles, my growth, my strengths and my weaknesses.  I am most comfortable being REAL and honest….. and I seem to attract social media followers who really appreciate this.  So naturally…..with all this honesty and transparency flying around…..a real bond began to form between me and my FB/IG friends.  And it was all unicorns and glitter and cotton candy kinda fun……until  October of 2017.

I crashed.  My body just quit.  It took me down in a day……and I stayed there for weeks. I lost track of time…..hours and days just passed me by…..I don’t even remember having any REAL thoughts of my own during this time.  And I certainly had NO thoughts of my social media followers.  I just disappeared.

After much testing I received this diagnosis:

Autoimmune Hepatitis

Autoimmune: a disease in which the body’s immune system attacks healthy cells.

Hepatitis: inflammation of the liver

In my own words……my immune system decided it didn’t like my liver.  It set up a silent attack years ago….and has done mass amounts of destruction unbeknownst to me.

Is it curable?  No (well…the docs say NO….my GOD may choose otherwise). Is it treatable?  Yes. Can it be repaired?  Possibly. The treatment options are limited…..and SLOW…..and force you to choose the lesser of two evils. Since treatment comes with its own issues that also breakdown the body…..I made a HUGE decision!

I have embraced a “food healing journey” to assist modern medicine in treating my disease! So what does this have to do with painting furniture???? Remember where I left off above talking about my social media family?  And how I just disappeared on them?


From December 2017, when I announced my diagnosis  

I felt compelled to share my progress every Friday morning with my Facebook followers. I called these open and honest and information sharing sessions “Fancy Food Friday.” These sessions helped me stick my goals and thus motivate other women to make changes to create their best self. Eventually I saw a split in my community, there were other women super serious about changing too.


Fancy Food Friday & The Best You

If you’re interested in changing your lifestyle I have three resources for you:

1. Follow me on Facebook – @TraceysFancy where I share some of my health and wellness tips.   You can also catch up on past #FFF episodes from the past here.

2. Get on my waitlist for when my healthy eating accountability community opens again. You don’t have to make any big decisions now. Just get on the list ?here and NOW? and I’ll let you know when the doors are open to new members again. (Only a few times a year.)

3. Sign up for my emails

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Disclaimer: The information I share with you on my website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition and is NOT to be used as a substitute for the care and guidance of a physician.  I am not a medical professional, a certified health coach or a dietician. I am just an enthusiastic girl with a big heart and a lot of drive who successfully followed a plan and now wants to share that plan with others and provide a community of encouragement and support.-Tracey Bellion

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