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by | Jul 31, 2022

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Final display of Need For Speed birthday signs made with hobby Lobby Signs and Dixie Belle paint
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This Need For Speed Birthday Sign is a project that focuses on creating custom signs easily and affordably, as well as celebrating the MANY choices we now have when decorating for little boys!!!!

I remember when my boys were babies, and how limited the themed choices were for boys’ birthday parties, bedroom décor, and clothes!  

My first born (1982) son’s room was done in a clown theme (kinda creepy when I think about it now).

My second son’s (1984) room was in rubber duckies, for goodness sake!  

There really were not many options!

Gotta thank Pinterest for the major pipeline of brilliant ideas for little boy décor and themes!! Because of this, I was able to find inspiration for this “Need For Speed” Birthday Sign.

Come along for the RIDE in this week’s YouTube video!

Watch the video here.

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I was asked to create a large sign with a customized race car and the saying “Two Fast” for my grandson Hutton’s second birthday party! Cuteness overload below!

Need For Speed birthday boy sign made by Tracey's Fancy using chalk mineral paint from Dixie Belle
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I needed something lightweight and affordable!

As always, I headed to the Hobby Lobby clearance section!

This checked the box of “affordable” at 65% off, as well as “lightweight” since their wooden signs are basically the weight of paper. I have no idea where they get that lightweight wood!

I found this motorcycle art that was the perfect width, but not quite tall enough. So, I bought TWO of them, and broke the design into TWO sections: the words and the car!

Hobby Lobby signs with motorcycles that were used to create Need For Speed birthday and nursery boy signs with Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint
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I painted each sign with a single coat of Dixie Belle Drop Cloth.  

Well, to be honest, I did a trial run of the new Terra clay paint by painting one sign in Terra Moonbeam and one sign in chalk Drop Cloth to see how their one-coat coverage compared.  They both covered the black of the motorcycle and the brown of the wood in a single coat with full coverage! 

BOOM! We’re on our way to making our “Need For Speed” Birthday Sign!

Ok, let’s move on (I can’t ever pass up an opportunity for a good comparison!).

The sign with the words “TWO FAST”  was so easy!  I used a 1″ flat brush with Stormy Seas gray, and just drew it free-handed while on live video!  I wanted it to appear as if it were jotted quickly on a notepad, and that is exactly what it looks like!  Remember, when you are writing a note to yourself on paper, you don’t overthink it!  So keep this in mind when you are creating freehanded words with paint as well! 

Hand lettering Tracey's Fancy did for Need For Speed sign using chalk mineral paint by Dixie Belle
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And remember, I offer a very affordable 2-hour class that teaches sign making and hand lettering for those of you seeking a cleaner letter. You can find it here.

The car sign took a bit more effort and time, but really not too much more!  

I drew my design using a freehand method and painted jar lids for circles plus a ruler for the checks and straight lines!

In fact, my 12-year-old granddaughter drew out every single check around the border.

Once the design was in place with a pencil, I set it with a sharpie marker.  

Tracey's Fancy getting help with sketching checker pattern for Need For Speed birthday sign
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Finished sketch of car for Need For Speed sign using pencil and sharpie
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We chose Dusty Blue and Bunker Hill Blue for an ombre paint job on the body of the car.  I used this opportunity to teach Sophie how to blend out the hard line between two colors using water and a brush. She picked it right up!!!  

Getting help with painting for Need For Speed sign using chalk mineral paint for Dixie Belle
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Painting car with Dixie Belle blue paint for Need For Speed sign
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Painting full car body for Need For Speed birthday or nursery using Hobby Lobby signs
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I finished all the fine details of the car, such as his initials (HUK), the tires, and the helmet while Sophie measured and drew out all the checks!

We then settled on the floor for a long painting session of ALL the checks in the frame around the Need For Speed Birthday Sign. This was her first time painting a checkerboard pattern, and once again, she picked it right up!

And that is it!!!!!

Aren’t these Need For Speed Birthday Signs cute (even just sitting here on my shop floor)???

Completed signs for Need For Speed sign set
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I can’t believe how easy and FUN they were to create!!

Look at them NOW at the party!!! The balloons as the exhaust are just too cute! This made the perfect spot for photo ops!  

Side view of finished Need For Speed signs
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Do you know what’s even more exciting???

These can be used again!!

They would be the perfect room décor for a little boy!!

BUT I need a new sign for an upcoming baby shower so a little electric sanding to remove the art and I’ll be right back at it!

Yep! These signs are about to be RECYCLED again for a baby girl!

The investment of $13 per sign (since they were 65% off) is now taking me through TWO custom orders! Now that is a good deal!!!

So stay tuned for more!!!!

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  1. Nettie Rose

    I very much want to be in your next private group. Please do a furniture painting project. Or, if it’s a craft, it still involves CMP, Tera and/or Silk. But, please count me in.

  2. Olivia Neely

    New lease on life since I found you and Dixie Belle paint.
    I was pretty much in a depression and I decided to start painting again. I have painted furniture but never used chalk paint just used whatever I could find in the storage building. When I found you painting my favorite McKenzie-Child’s check, stripes and harlequins my heart jumped for joy. I have been practicing Ion anything I can find around here. I bought a silver coffee pot at Goodwill. I have it primed in Slick Stick and it’s ready to be painted.
    Do you need to have a computer to download a class? I do have iPhone and iPad.
    Thank you again for being so inspiring.

  3. David Tetrault


    Can’t get enough. of your crazy. Found a local supplier here in Williamsburg, VA, for the paint line. Will need some training that you already offer. Games are about to begin. Love the art of the carnival and sideshow.


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