Painted Canvas Shoes

by | Dec 2, 2020

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Custom painted canvas shoes make THE BEST gifts!  

I know!  I know!  You are thinking …..Sure!  If you can draw!  But I’m here to tell you they can be really cool –

even without the ability to draw!! 

A little paint and water create a free-flowing tye-dye look that needs not an ounce of artistic ability.  You just need to know what products you need to get started….and the order of the steps!

Today I am sharing my most recent painted shoes…..which happen to be the most loaded shoes I’ve created to date…..and YES…I had to draw!

I purchased the black slip-on shoes at Walmart and the white lace-up shoes at Target. The ones from Target are preferred but they didn’t have the sizes I needed for my clients.  These were painted for a one-year-olds first birthday party….and would be worn by the mom, grandma, and aunt of the birthday boy.

His grandma requested that they were painted with all his favorite AND not-so-favorite things!

Look closely and what do you see???


Blueberries….raspberries…..but NO muffins!

Lots of cute lions…..which was the theme of the party.


and even golf. 

Yep… for a one year old.  LOL!

This is proof that you can paint anything you can think up!

I filled every available space on these shoes.  Even the very backside is painted with the Covid model… requested!

Want to learn how to paint all the wearables?

If you would like to paint your own canvas items ….but would like a little more “visual” instruction, I offer a denim painting course that would be the perfect place! Although it’s called Painted Denim, this technique is the same for all denim and canvas items…give it a try!

Step-by-step: painted canvas shoes

1. Draw your design


If your shoes are white….draw your design pencil first and then with sharpie…..and then fill in with paint as if coloring with a coloring book.  
If your shoes are dark or black……draw your design first with chalk or a chalk pencil….and then fill in with pain

2. Paint your background with watered down Dixie Belle paint

3. Color in your drawn-on designs with paint

I use Dixie Belle chalk paint as I have years of experience with it and can tell you that it does NOT wash out once cured!!!

4. Re-outline your drawings

with black paint or sharpie to help your designs pop!

5. Once dry…..

spray your shoes with Easy Peasy spray wax to seal.

6. Allow 30 days to cure before washing.

More Painted Gift Ideas

Check out another example of painted shoes that you can see in the blog listed here!

Take it a step further and create designs on canvas aprons, denim, canvas bags, etc. Below are many blogs with examples of each……keeping in mind that they are ALL great gift-giving ideas! Click on any photo to see more…and be sure to scroll through to see all examples.

See you next week!



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