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Painted Fabric Vanity Chair

Hello, my Fancies!!

Thanks for joining me here for this really quick and easy transformation!

I acquired this fancy little stool years ago...and it has suffered greatly at the hands of my youngest daughter.

It has survived nail polish, peanut butter and jelly, make-up and even splattered paint.

It was just plain gross!

But you can see from the photos below that it had such great "bones"....and I just couldn't toss it aside!

PS- If you love this crazy fun wallpaper - you can get it here. (Affiliate link)

I am NOT an upholsterer! I am a painter! So why not paint it with my FINISH ALL...AND do it on live video???

You can watch the entire painted fabric process below...and it's worth it!!! The glazing portion is SO impressive!!! Really!

You're impressed aren't you? LOL!

Just look at it below!!! It looks brand new! It feels brand new! And it looks amazing sitting proudly next to my recently designed color pour nightstand!!!

Gray Marble Color Pour Furniture Tracey's Fancy

And if you are all "jaw on the floor" over this marble color pour nightstand -- you can get the tutorial on how to do it HERE.

The stool was finished in Weathervane on the cloth portion...and Cotton on the wood....and then accented with Barnwood Gel Wax.


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See you next week!



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Please please please share my Painted Fabric Stool pin on Pinterest and see more fun painted chairs on this board: Sit in Style.

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