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Painted knife block: from boring to show-stopper

This is not my first fancy painted knife block....but I can say it is both the easiest and my favorite!!

painted knife block with WoodUBend molds by Tracey's Fancy

This knife block was updated with the use of just paint and a single mold!

Why is this easier than my other knife block projects? Because I didn't spend the time or energy making all those dang molds with clay like the last two! This time.....I used the amazing WoodUBend mold 2157.

Total game changer! I just chose my mold....heated it up.....smeared on some glue....held it in place as I bent it around the edge.....because its magic like that.....and voila! It was ready to paint.

painted knife block with WoodUBend molds by Tracey's Fancy

How to use WoodUBend molds for a spectacular knife block

Here are my exact steps....that you can follow to change your boring knife block into a show stopper like mine:

  1. Cleaned my 20 yr old greasy knife-block with White Lightning per instructions

  2. Heated my WoodUBend mold of choice (applique #2157) using my heat gun...until soft (you can also use a blow dryer or warm on a griddle)

  3. Applied Tite Bond wood glue to the back of the mold and immediately placed it on the knife block where I wanted it.  It bends easily while it's warm and it just folded right over that corner without any effort at all.

  4. Once in place I warmed with the heat gun again for just a few seconds and gave it a final press into position...this last warming and pressing really secures the mold to the substrate.  You may paint it immediately.

  5. I painted the entire mold and block in one coat of Caviar with a pouncing motion and let dry.

  6. I then pounced a layer of Fluff over the Caviar making sure to keep the coat light so the Caviar would offer a shadow effect.

  7. With Fluff still damp....I began to pounce Manatee Gray randomly over the block.

  8. Using three different brushes I continued to pounce all three colors randomly....allowing the colors to blend naturally.  

  9. I would spritz with water to keep the paints moving freely together.  The pouncing gives this a very natural cement look which is exactly what I was after.

  10. Once I achieved the look I wanted, I allowed it to dry.

  11. I covered the entire mold and block with Best Dang Wax in black and wiped back all excess with baby wipes.

  12. I then dry brushed Best Dang Wax in White over the entire surface....very lightly.....allowing the white to settle on any raised areas from the pouncing as well as the mold edges.  It really is the icing on the cake for this look!

painted knife block with WoodUBend molds by Tracey's Fancy

And that is it! I have allowed it to dry and cure and fully intended to topcoat in Gator Hide. The final finish is so durable and has an amazing cement/stone-like resemblance in its flat sheen....that I have chosen to leave it as is!

It sits proudly on my counter.....and now my daughter wants one for her house!  So I'll be hitting that Goodwill up soon!  I hope you are inspired to do the same!  I've included all products used in the shop section below for your convenience.  Just click that photo and it will take you right to the products!  When you use my link... it lets Dixie Belle know that I sent you....and they give me a kickback as a thank you.... and it doesn't cost you any extra!  So thank you in advance!

Before you go, watch this fun adventure, from last summer, where I found my first thrift store knife block! Not this particular block.


The products listed here are what I used for this painted knife block project! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! Just click on any of the products shown below! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

See you next week!



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painted knife block with WoodUBend molds by Tracey's Fancy
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