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Paris Sign

Paris Sign..... this is a "micro blog"... shortest blog ever!

This may be the shortest blog I've ever written.... but the project really was that simple! This salvage (because its from an antique broken mirror) wall art sign may look familiar to you...... and that is because you have seen it before.... just recently in fact! I painted it to be used as a welcome sign for a friends baby shower..... and it was such a hit!

Baby Shower Sign by Tracey's Fancy

However, I originally purchased this sign for a client that asked for a personal saying to be hand painted on it. So after I "borrowed" it for the shower...... I revamped it for my client!

The Prep

Before I could repaint the sign in its new color, I did have to sand off the original hand painted words. If you don't sand down painted words..... they show as elevated or texture on the new paint surface.... especially if the light hits just right. I didn't want that to happen. So I used an electric sander and 400 grit sanding pad to remove the baby shower words. I then used Boss primer in gray with my Scarlett brush to apply a single coat. I probably didn't need to prime.... but I wanted to even out the color of the surface. And, the Scarlett brush is great for large flat surfaces as the bristles cover a larger area with each stroke.

Now time to use the blue round sponge to apply Silk Paint in Harbor (which is a beautiful robin's egg blue). I actually could have applied BOSS with the sponge as well.... but I wanted to show options here. The sponge is really handy as it fits right into the lid to either dip paint or hold it between coats. Harbor paint was applied in thin easy coats with OBVIOUSLY no brush strokes.... since it's not a brush! It is really nice for signs! And really a fast application!

The frame of the sign was already dry brushed in Salt water..... but I freshened it up with a new thin coat. I then began the process of adding checks to the center medallion. I used a ruler to draw the small checks in pencil.

I then used the same ruler to measure out the large checks that would encompass the sign.

Paris Sign by Tracey's Fancy

Sharpie makes an oil based paint pen that I use often for hand lettering and to outline small details. You can see that I used that here to draw over every pencil line.

It is now time to relax and enjoy the process of tiny detail painting and filling in each check.... large and small.... with tiny brushes and the deepest of black called Anchor.

Paris Sign by Tracey's Fancy

I use painters tape and chalk to hand letter. I'm taping my lines to ensure proper spacing and level words. Then draw my letters in chalk for easy erasing which happens often.... until I get it just the way I want it.

I use another Sharpie oil based pen (this time in white) to trace over my approved chalk written letters. This sets the letters so I can fill them in with paint and a brush.

Once the oil pen lines are dry I wipe away any exposed chalk with a damp paper towel, baby wipe or micro fiber cloth.

Now I fill in each letter with a tiny artist brush and white paint.... here I'm using Salt water.

And that is it!!! I did not need to top coat this project because it is painted with Silk paints.

...... and they have a BUILT IN top coat!!! You just paint..... and call it done!

Paris Sign by Tracey's Fancy

This sign was blanket wrapped and White GLove shipped to my client in Salt Lake City, Utah.... all the way from Texas!!! It's a fabulous feeling to be able to create custom pieces for people regardless of the distance in miles!

I never asked her what the meaning was behind the phrase on this Paris Sign.... but I have no doubt it holds a special memory. I'm hoping it is something she will cherish for years to come!!!


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