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by | Jul 10, 2021

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I’ve got a really fun DIY for you! A pretty painted mailbox! Whether you are freshening up the mailbox that you already own….. or buying a brand new one like I did here….. this is a fast and fun way to add curb appeal to your home or a little whimsy to your garden!
And hey….. I painted this while on vacation at the rental breakfast table… without all my normal tools….. so I KNOW you can do this too!

Painted Mailbox by Traceys Fancy
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When painting on metal it is very important to prepare your surface for a decorative paint finish.  Dixie Belle Paint company carries a product called Slick Stick that is my BFF when it comes to painting and crafting.  Slick Stick allows me to paint allllllll the small things like mail boxes and gum-ball machines and tea sets…. not to mention glass and mirrors and formica and tile!  I mean…. have you seen my kitchen backsplash?  Hello and thank you Slick Stick!

I purchased this mailbox at my local hardware store for $17.  I applied one coat of Slick Stick with a roller and allowed it to dry overnight.  I followed with a second coat of Slick Stick the following morning.  Once the second coat was dry I was able to begin my decorative paint finish.  
***remember….. whatever finish I teach you here…. can be recreated on furniture too!  You can move a specific technique from a small item to a large item easily…. the steps remain the same. **** I did not take progress photos of this project but will link the YouTube tutorial to it below.

Plain Mailbox
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Painted mailbox

I rolled on a single coat of Dixie Belle’s Fluff (my favorite white). I then taped off my stripes on the lower portion of the sides.  I burnished my tape edges with Fluff.  Once dry I filled the empty stripe space with Caviar (my favorite black) and removed my tape immediately.  
I force dried the black with a heat gun and moved on to the next step.  I taped off the horizontal line above the stripes and began painting my decorative scene above the line of tape.  For this process I used random colors that I love (Plum Crazy, Peony, Tea Rose, Palmetto, The Gulf, Blueberry),  my spritzer bottle of water, and a pouncing technique with my artist brushes to blend the colors freely.  Just be careful to not OVER blend…. as you will end up with “muddy” colors that aren’t always pretty.  Just lay down original colors….. let them overlap slightly…. spritz a little water….. pounce…. and stop when you think it looks good!  If this sounds like mumble-jumble….. the video will help it to make sense!
It also really helps to use a good blending brush like the La Petite or the Best Dang Brush…. both of which offer a wonderful cloudy look by pouncing!  You will feel like a blending PRO after your very first try!  They are like magic brushes!

Once I had my colors exactly the way I wanted them…. sort of dreamy and cloud like…. I stopped and stepped away!  Every good artist knows when its time to stop!  I then removed the horizontal line of tape…. allowing me to now see where the stripes meet the color clouds.  I force dried this with my heat gun.  (force drying is not necessary….. I just do this when I’m rushed or painting on live video with time restrictions…. and this mailbox was painted on live video)

Adding transfers

Now for the really fun part!!!  TRANSFERS!!! I chose the Cacti and Succulents transfer for this project!  I love cutting the transfer up and building it on my projects as I go!  I just place each piece where I want it and add layer upon layer until it feels right.  
Once all transfers have been applied….. I use the DB finishing pad to lightly burnish every single piece.  Do NOT be afraid to sand your transfers.  It is so important to prevent them from cracking and lifting later!  Once burnished and dust wiped away…. I applied a single coat of Top Coat in Satin. Once dry….. I followed this with two coats of Gator Hide….. allowing ample drying time in between coats.  I use Gator Hide to seal all projects that will be used out doors as it has water repellant properties as well as UV protection which fights the fade of your project.  
And that is that!  This little painted mailbox is available…. along with other hand painted wares and furniture…… in the shop section of my website! 


You can watch this entire project on my YouTube channel right HERE:

And if you’d like to create your own painted mailbox I have all the products listed for you below in the shop section!

Let’s shop Dixie Belle

I’m SUPER excited to announce …

….. that dixie Belle Paint Company has made “kits” available to you! This particular kit offers you the ability to purchase everything you need to complete this chair “look” with a single click“. It comes with all the product you need in one place…. because who enjoys starting a project and then realizing you don’t have all that you need? This Alice Chair box is available right HERE or click the photo.

**note: it will only include three clocks and does not include the harlequin stencil.

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