Furniture Painting Tutorials

  • Check & Color Blending Tutorial

  • Furniture Painting Basics

  • Tracey's Fancy Grandfather Clock Tutorial

    Grandfather Clock Tutorial

  • Tracey's Fancy Leopard & Patina Furniture Tutorial

    Leopard & Patina Tutorial

  • Tracey's Fancy Gold Metal Leafing Tutorial

    Metal Leafing Tutorial

  • Tracey's Fancy Old World Rose Gold Furniture Painting Tutorial

    Old World Rose Gold Tutorial

  • Tracey's Fancy Chair Painting Course

    Painted Fabric Chair Tutorial

  • Tracey's Fancy Stripes & Harlequin Furniture Painting Tutorial

    Stripes & Harlequin Tutorial

  • Tracey's Fancy Tattered Elegance Furniture Painting Tutorial

    Tattered Elegance

  • The Best of Whimsical Wonderland


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