Grandfather Clock Tutorial

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This class is for all my Beauty and the Beast lovers…..those that see personality in furniture pieces!
You know who you are!
Think of all those grandfather clocks in the world just waiting for YOU to come along and bring their charm and character to life with a bold mix of colors and patterns!
I discuss the art of mixing patterns and colors on ONE PIECE without it looking like a total mess!
By the end of this course, you will never look at another Grandfather clock the same!
You will see nothing but WHIMSICAL opportunity on every single empty panel and carved detail!
And do I need to mention the family/friends/clients that will be lining up for you to add a touch of wonderland to their clocks?

Just ask Carla of Salty Dog Gallery and Gifts…..she received FOUR clock painting orders within just a few days of completing her own!

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