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Pumpkin Spice Fall Vanity

I fell in love with the shape of this vanity the moment I saw it!

Do you see the curves of the side panels? It's actually an attribute that is sort of lost in the single color of wood across the entire front of the piece. I knew I wanted to paint the body and leave the drawers in their original wood.... or paint the drawers and leave the body in its original wood. I felt like this would accentuate those outer curves and really draw the eye to the beauty of the shape.

Pumpkin Spice Vanity by Tracey's Fancy

Dixie Belle paint released a limited edition set of fall colors..... and I was intrigued by the color Pumpkin Spice. It honestly has NOTHING to do with it being my favorite coffee flavor and I wait all year for fall to arrive just so I can drink it straight through to Christmas! LOL! In all honesty...... I just loved the creamy color of pumpkin! I felt it was a great match for the natural gold tones of the wood on this vanity. So Pumpkin Spice became my choice!

I cleaned the entire piece with White Lightning as I always do..... rinsed really well with water....... and towel dried. I removed the drawers, cleaned them well...... and conditioned them with the new Big Mama's Butta in Flannel.

What??? You read that right!

A new "manly" or "wintery" smell has been added to the Big Mama's Butta line! This one is good! I used this yummy smelling goodness to condition the raw wood on the inside of the drawers.... and to add a beautiful shine to the front of the drawers.

With the drawers removed..... I began to paint the body of the piece. I applied a single coat of Pumpkin Spice to the entire piece..... with the exception of the semicircle on the top surface..... I left this raw to match the drawer fronts. Once dry..... I added a second coat.

Before & After

I absolutely love how the wood and the paint play off each other. It's just enough difference to draw the eye to the curve of the sides.... just as I had imagined. It's a subtle suggestion and I like it that way.

The handles had a natural patina on them already.... but I didn't care for the washed out look. I felt they really needed to POP off the front of the drawers.

I brushed on a single coat of Gilding Wax in Black.

I then used my finger tip to lightly dust a layer of Gilding Wax in Gold over the top surface.

It was the perfect match and complement for the golden hues of the Pumpkin Spice paint and the golden wood grain.

I applied Top Coat in Satin over the body that was painted in Pumpkin Spice for added protection. The drawers were put back into place..... and I was instantly pleased with the look!

This color is trending right now.... and not just because it is fall. Shades of yellow, orange and green are hot right now..... very reminiscent of the 1970's. The color on this vanity gives me all the "natural" feels.... as if I'd find it sitting amongst the trees in the forest. For all you "boho" lovers out there..... Pumpkin Spice is calling out to you!


Other colors offered by Dixie Belle during this limited offering:

Merlot.... a deep rusty red, similar to Rustic Red Latte...... a soft cream filled light brown, similar to Mud Puddle Juniper...... a velvety soft green, similar to Kudzu Cashmere..... a candlelight glow cream, similar to Buttercream Pumpkin Spice…… a warm rich orange, similar to Terracotta

Watch this week's Pumpkin Spice Vanity YouTube video.

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Pumpkin Spice Vanity by Tracey's Fancy

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