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Great News!!

The Whimsy Tree course now available in 8+ hours of pre-recorded tutorials!

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See my completed Whimsy Tree HERE

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Can I ask you…..

….did you love your Christmas tree this past year?

I mean like REALLLLLYYYY LOVE your Christmas tree?

I’m going to be completely honest here and let you in on something…..

Mine was lame!  LOLOL!

Ok….don’t tell my family that I said that…..but it’s the truth I just want a PINTEREST tree once!

Did you see my Valentine Tree???  It was gorgeous!  I wanted to share pictures of it daily!!  It was cheerful….and uplifting….and on purpose…that’s IT!  It was ON PURPOSE!!!!

So that is when it hit me…..I’m not putting up ONE more lame Christmas tree!

I committed to MYSELF….to slowly build my ON-PURPOSE Christmas tree….starting last April

I don’t plan to spend a ton of time….I honestly don’t have spare time…which is part of the initial “lame tree” problem….it’s always thrown together in a rush at the last minute before the holiday madness begins!

Then it occurred to me….there are probably others out there that have Christmas tree regret as well.  And maybe you’d want to join me? And then…..I couldn’t stop thinking about it….and the idea became brilliant to me!!!

And so I made a plan!!

Listen up … I’m inviting YOU to join me to build a Whimsical Christmas Tree TOGETHER!

Join me in 8 hours of pre-recorded live videos where we make everything from:

  • … whimsically-designed and hand-painted ornaments
  • ….a show-stopping tree topper
  • ….and an out-of-this-world tree skirt that will make you look like a sewing genius (without actually sewing)

So if you’ve had Christmas tree envy….or longed for a Country Sampler/Better Homes and Gardens/Joanna Gaines/Pinterest Tree… I’ve got your back!

Let’s do it Tracey’s Fancy Whimsical Style…..and make your Christmas Tree one to remember!!

It’s not too late for you to have a Whimsy Tree too!! Purchase below and you too will have a Christmas Spectacular!


Whimsical Gold Splattered Dresser Tracey's Fancy Close up

December on IG and FB……will never be the same!!! Lol


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