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Unique Wooden Watches for Any Occasion

Jord Wood they felt our brands were well matched. They are a group of creative artist and designers that appreciate a good story and making every moment count.  AND......hello......they create with WOOD!  My favorite canvas!! So after several emails and much consideration on my part......I decided to partner with them.....with the agreement that there be SOMETHING IN IT FOR MY READERS!! And then.....THESE BEAUTIES arrived!!!

you can see that here.  We wanted to document our excitement as this is the first company that I have ever agreed to promote other than paint! I chose the Purpleheart Plum from the Frankie Series......and Matt's handsome timepiece is the Koa & Black from the Dover Series. DId I mention they are MADE OF WOOD!  LOL!  Just making sure I drive that point home! I can't wait to send y'all over to browse and choose your favorite!

grandfather clock project (which you all know was totally tugging at my heart strings missing my parents and grandparents) when JORD contacted me!  I was like....are you kidding?  I'm doing CLOCKS right now!  It was meant to be.  We all need to slow down....we need to relish every single attention to passing time!  And whats with all the digital features and talking Alexa's???  How about an old fashioned clock....and old fashioned TIME PIECE...but with a sleek...modern....efficient....forward-thinking look???  And did I mention its wood?  LOL! YEP!!!  I'm sold!  I love my Jord Wood Watch....and so does Matt. So let's get one on your arm too!!!

follow this link....and enter your name and email....and what watch you would choose!

THAT'S IT! They will randomly choose one winner....that will be awarded $100 toward a Jord Wood Watch of their choice!!! You have until November 11th to sign up.....but do it now so you don't forget!  Just click the link.....and get it done! They will also offer 10% off to all other entrants that are not chosen for the grand prize!

ENTRY link!  I knew he would love this watch....and HE DOES! And did I mention these watches are versatile?  And they are made of wood? My watch went from a weekend bike ride to a Saturday night wedding venue like it was designed for both!! #bluejeanstolittlereddress #anditswood So get over there now.....and thank me later! GOOD LUCK!! XOXO, Tracey and Matt ps....the wait for the winner is going to KILL me!!! pss....and it's wood!!! Wooden Wrist Watch

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