Upscale Painted Farmhouse Pumpkins

by | Sep 16, 2017

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Happy Fall Y’all!

Well almost!

Here in Texas we never really FEEL a true fall….but according to Hobby Lobby it’s fall in JUNE as they load their shelves with “everything fall” just to make me feel ALL the pressure…..when at the time ALL I really feel is the 105 degree heat outside!!!

But today was a beautiful fall feeling day….so I got my pumpkin on!!!

Upscale Farmhouse Painted Pumpkins - Tracey's Fancy
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We recently began transitioning the colors in our home from browns, golds and reds….to more of a monochromatic gray, white, black and silver with few accent colors.

I am in LOVE with my new dining room makeover with a table color and my accent wall…and could not stand the thought of adding my fall decor to the room that was full-blown oranges and golds!!!  Don’t get me wrong…I love the look of fall pumpkins…but I am totally “zen’d out right now with the “new hue” and wanted to work it into my fall decor!

So…this is what I came up with…..and I thought I would share it with you!!!

Metallic Pumpkin

I silver leafed (and gold leafed) my pumpkins using Spray It Metal Leaf Adhesive Spray  and Gild It Silver Leaf Metal (Available at Hobby Lobby) or if you have Amazon Prime you can order these metal leaf sheets in gold or silver.

Super easy!!!  And did three pumpkins in just about 15 minutes!!

You literally spray and press!

I did one in silver…one in silver and rubbed a dark glaze on it…and one in a patina gold leaf.

They are brilliantly gorgeous….shiny…reflective….cracked and aged….and they MATCH my decor!!!!

Upscale Farmhouse Painted Pumpkins - Tracey's Fancy
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I have used metal leaf for years…..on furniture , decor and even walls!  Below is a silver dresser I painted and I silver leafed the drawers!  I get asked weekly for instructions on how to do it!  It is SOOOO easy!!!

If you are looking for more detailed instructions on how to do metal leafing, check out my tutorial below!



Checkered Pumpkin

So I’ve sort of made my “branding” around black and white patterns….whether it is checks, stripes, solids or harlequin!  I couldn’t leave that out of my tablescape!  So I VERY quickly and easily made a checkered pumpkin!

Ohuhu Art Markers made this process super easy!  They are PAINT in a MARKER!!!  I drew my lines with these and then pulled out my Dixie Belle Caviar black paint to fill in the squares! (this pumpkin was already white…but you could spray paint an orange one white easily…and go from there)

I completed this large pumpkin in less than 8 minutes!!!!  Bring on all the pumpkins!  It’s checkerboard time!!!! (and no…it is NOT a soccer ball pumpkin….don’t be rude! LOL!)



So below you see the silver large silver pumpkin, the checkered pumpkin, the gold pumpkin top right…and the silver “glazed” pumpkin bottom left.  I didn’t get photos of the glaze…but its super easy.  Just silver leaf your pumpkin…then rub it down with any antiquing glaze or gel and wipe off the excess.

Upscale Farmhouse Painted Pumpkins - Tracey's Fancy
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Any black paint can be used!  But my preferred paint brand is Dixie Belle. You can buy it HERE.

If you’ve got the time, here is a video demonstration I did live for Hometalk of this upscale pumpking decorating process …



And just for kicks…I am sharing with you below a few examples of how I work in my favorite checkerboard pattern into my furniture art designs!

(PS – Read my Harlequin Feature Wall Makeover post HERE.)

It really should NOT be a “PS”….it should be a “HELLO!!!”….because it is clearly the favorite feature in my home!!!!

Upscale Farmhouse Painted Pumpkins - Tracey's Fancy
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AND theeennnnnnn….the “ANGEL WINGS”!!!  I get asked about my decorative angel wings all the time – I got them years ago from Decor Steals HERE. They are only available twice a year so follow me on Facebook and I will let you know next time you can purchase them! I also taught a canvas painting course inspired by these wings – check it out below.

So again….Happy Fall Ya’ll!!!!  Go paint something FANCY!!!

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See you next week!



Shop: DIY Farmhouse Pumpkins

The products listed here are what I used for this DIY painted farmhouse pumpkins project!  Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! Just click on any of the products shown below!  You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

WoodUbend Pairs:

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Upscale Farmhouse Pumpkins by Tracey's Fancy | No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas | Silver Leafing Pumpkin | Painted Pumpkin Ideas | Halloween Decor | Fall TableScape Ideas | Fall Decorating Ideas
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DIY Checkerboard Painted Pumpkin by Tracey's Fancy | No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas | Black and White Painted Pumpkin | Fancy Upscale Farmhouse Pumpkin
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