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Victorian Damask Queen Bed

A brown boring bed just got a glow-up! The Victorian Damask Queen Bed is revealed.

This is a custom order for a client that is making over her guest room. You will see a chest of drawers and nightstand to match in the coming weeks ahead. I purchased the bed on Facebook Marketplace. It's an Ashley Furniture bed with the original tag still hanging on it. It is a very pretty bed even in it's original finish.... but it really was the perfect giant canvas to create a feature piece of furniture.

I cleaned the bed with White Lighting and immediately smelled cigarette smoke. I NEVER purchase previously owned furniture with that smell! This did not present itself until it was wet with the cleaner. So I washed thoroughly TWO times.... and rinsed well TWO times. I primed with BOSS gray TWICE! BOSS is made to block odors..... and it does it well.... but it does require two coats for this to work. Once cleaned and primed the bed no longer had an odor!

I chose Hurricane gray as my base coat. I used a roller to apply this as it is a large flat surface. I show in this photo here.... the coverage of the paint using four application tools. Top to Bottom: Synthetic Brush (by DB) Blue Sponge (by DB) Applicator Pad (by DB) Small Flocked Roller...... the best coverage for one coat!

The roller is always a great option when applying paint...... but it only works if you have flat surfaces with not trim, insets or carvings... which is rare for me. I applied the Hurricane gray in the areas that are inset and the trim as well with my FM synthetic brush. Overall I applied two coats of the dark gray.


I used the new Victorian Damask Stencil (not to be confused with the Royal Damask stencil) with Manatee Gray for an all-over application. The stencil is very easy to match up and simple to use. I only had to touch up TWO places were there was a gap in my match up. I love this damask as it has soft lines and more scrollwork than the Royal Damask.

Next I chose to accentuate the layers of trim work around the frame of the bed by using Plum Crazy to shadow and shade. I do this by running paint around the edge of the trim with a small artist brush and immediately misting it with a spritz of water and blending it out with the La Petite brush. This technique can be seen on the YouTube video that compliments this blog.

I wasn't liking the harshness of the light gray stencil over the dark gray. So I decided to apply HiHo Silver Glaze over the entire damask design on the headboard. This was the perfect fix! It applies very translucent and really softened the design pattern. I rolled on a single layer and let dry. I love the pearly sheen that it gives in addition to the hazy look over the damask. It still needed something though.

I loved the addition of the rich pink around the trim so much that I decided to layer a few of the damask with a ghost-like effect using Plum Crazy and the under-color.... Hurricane Gray again. I do this by matching up the stencil over a large damask and pouncing the Best Dang Wax brush that has been dipped in very little paint...... directly over the damask pattern that was previously done. I LOVE this look! It reminds me of vintage flocked wall paper. Boom! Calling this part done!

Now to add an architectural element with one of the GIANT and brand new WoodUBend pairings! This thing is huge and completely changes the look of the bed! I painted it in Hurricane Gray and let dry. I then painted it in a mixture of Plum Crazy and water (1:1) and immediately wiped back with a baby wipe. This leaves the pink settled into the giant crevices of the mold.

Once dry..... I heated them up with my heat gun... applied ample Tite Bond glue to the back and pressed into place. I then reheated and pressed one last time for best adhesion! I use a small brush to remove any excess glue that pushes out from the sides of the molds.

I then taped off the outer edge of the bed and striped it with Sawmill Gravy.....a soft creamy white. The headboard design is almost done. I decided to stop there and move onto my ideas for the footboard.


I taped off the ENTIRE footboard for stripes!!! I just wanted to bring it all home with stripes.... and really allow the tall giant headboard the ability to shine above the stripes! I used the roller again..... to lightly roll on the Sawmill Gravy.... and immediately removed the tape!

I followed this by shadowing the trim work with Plum Crazy... just like the headboard.

I then prepped my next WoodUBend pairing of molds to add interest to the footboard. I painted them gray..... washed with bold pink..... wiped back and glued into place (with heat per protocol).

FINISHING with final touches:

I knew it was time to bring it home!!!!! I was ready!! All I needed was deep dark wax wash and gold highlights! I always seal with Top Coat Satin BEFORE I use Best Dang Wax Black! This is a much more forgiving way to work with wax! It allows you more play time..... and even allows you to remove it completely should you not like the look! So I coated the entire bed in a single coat of Top Coat Satin and let dry. Once dry I used my Best Dang Wax brush to apply black wax very lightly over the entire bed. didn't cover liberally like I usually do.... you now..... cover completely and wipe back? Nope.... this time I just swirled a very light dry layer over the entire thing just to soften all the lines a bit.

I then added Gold Gilding wax HEAVILY to both pairs of molds...... and then lightly dusted all the outer trim edges using my chip brush and the gold wax for a shimmer of gold overall!

And there she is!!!! This bed was dark and masculine..... and has gone full feminine and romantic! It is the perfect vibe for my clients guest room! I couldn't be happier with it!

Products used:

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