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Week of Whimsy Sneak Peek

Ready to get whimsical with my Week of Whimsy Sneak Peek?

I thought I'd give a little sneak peek into the Week of Whimsy experience.

What is Week of Whimsy, you ask?

It is a guided holiday craft-a-day done five times!

That is five-holiday crafts for FIVE days!

Five successful crafting experiences that will make you smile!

Which is W.O.W.! (Week Of Whimsy....get it?)

Honestly, I offered this class for the very first time last week and it was a huge success!

As a matter of fact, it was such a success that I have decided to leave it open for others to join and experience for themselves!

Many people purchased this five-craft package to use as guided classes while their family is in town for the holidays!

It was this idea alone that made me realize I should leave the doors open for just a while longer.

This is a curated collection of projects that are possible for all skill levels to enjoy.

I will guide you through every step (even drawing techniques - which seems to be what causes hesitation for so many).

You will not need excessive amounts of supplies since most of these items you can likely find around your home.

And what you don't have, you can always find at your local craft store or even have delivered to your door by Amazon.

You will learn how to paint on canvas, glass, shoes, and wood!

Also, You will learn the difference between clear coat resin and casting resin, and how to use both!

The best part is you can take what you learn on these surfaces and use these same skills on many substrates!

I chose these specific projects with gift-giving in mind.

All of these make very special handmade-with-love gifts!

Oh! And did I mention this is the most affordable 10 total hours of class time that I've ever offered???

And there's more!

There's a sneaky little bonus that I announce at the end of class 5!

Happy Holidays!

Want more instruction on how to make this holiday season Whimsical?

I would love for you to get in on this whimsy, fun-filled class!

Want more fancy furniture & design?

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