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Whimsical Gold Splattered Dresser

Wow!!! What a week it has been!!! On both a personal level and my business!!

I was asked by the ladies in my Whimsical Wonderland group to paint a finish that I had not done before. And because it was our very last class of the series.....I really wanted to deliver for them!

This "gold splatter" (my words) finish is all over social media right now....and seems to be all the rage in the furniture painting world. I love the look....but really didn't see it as a good fit for my "branding". But when my tribe speaks......I listen.....and my mind went to work.

I envisioned something different than I had ever came to me quickly....and I couldn't wait to make it real! I had a dresser in my inventory that I wasn't fond of at all.....and had tried many times to get my husband to haul it off! It was NOT a perfect fit for my design plan.....but I decided to give it a shot! You can see the before picture below......

Let me just tell you......drawing and painting stripes OVER raised areas.....and carved not for sissies. I really questioned my sanity during the process......but I am so hard headed.....and love a good challenge.....but I won't deny that it drove me to the ground a few times.....

* This post may contain affiliate links, I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

Whimsical Gold Leaf Tracey's Fancy

All I can say every single moment of frustration or lapse in sanity was worth it........because THIS is the result of my determination......

It is without a doubt my favorite piece ever!!!! I really mean that this time! LOL! IT IS MY BRAIN!!!!! It is my HEART!!!! It is exactly my VISION!!!! And who do I have to thank?????? My WHIMSY TRIBE!!!!! If it weren't for them asking for it.....I wouldn't have gone there! Some people think I offer my courses to teach my techniques. Some people think I offer my courses to make money. Both of those statements are true! But I really offer my courses to challenge myself!!!! My people inspire me!! They motivate me!!! They push me!!!! To explore! And then to share!!!

If you want to recreate a piece similar to my piece, now is your chance! Check out my Metal Leafing Course here.

Whimsical Gold Splattered Dresser Tracey's Fancy Close up


Here are the exact colors that I used. They are top-quality mineral paints from Dixie Belle Paint Company These are all affiliate links of which I could make a small commission, so thank you, thank you! You can also find the Modern Masters metallic paints and more of my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here

The Whimsical Dresser's Sister

Well, which is the chest of drawers, which I painted FIRST earlier this year. She got a way different look using very similar colors. Check out her "grunge" look HERE.

Grunge Painted Dresser-Tracey's Fancy-Before&After

Which piece do you like more? lol

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Whimsical Gold Leaf Tracey's Fancy

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