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Whimsical Tea Set with Alice in Wonderland

"It's tea time! There's always time for tea! Would you like an adventure now or shall we have our tea first?" -Alice in Wonderland. I bring you the Alice in Wonderland whimsical tea set.

Alice in Wonderland whimsical tea set using Dixie Belle transfers | Tracey's Fancy

I must say......I LOVE this project.....and thank goodness I I've received almost as many orders for these tea sets as I did when I featured the very first gumball machine.....and yes...there is an Alice in Wonderland gumball machine too!

This project is one that absolutely anyone can do....and that means YOU! Stay tuned...a course might just be in the works.

I'll share photos with you here as well as step by step instructions!

I begin with a silver-plated tea set. I find these at resale shops, junk stores, thrift stores, estate sales, and FB marketplace.

I have paid anywhere from $20 to $125 per set..... it's just a gamble on what is available when I'm searching. I really don't understand why people sell these....but they do! (I do own my mothers and grandmothers and I will not paint those)

I give it a good wash with White Lightning and a good rinse with water....then dry well.

I paint with two coats of Dixie Belle's Slick Stick (this is your KEY ingredient here).....per the instructions on the jar.

I then use a variety of colors from my Dixie Belle paint stash....based on my client's request.

I combine paint and a bit of water using my mister bottle as I blend and move the paints around freely with small artist brushes. Most of my clients are asking for the whimsical black and white checkered patterns as I believe it is key to keeping it playful and not too serious.

So as you know this takes quite a bit of time and a steady hand....but the detail of the checks and stripes really showcase the Alice in Wonderland style! There are no rules here. Just paint and check and stripe wherever the tea set design leads you!

Alice in Wonderland whimsical tea set using Dixie Belle transfers | Tracey's Fancy

Once fully dry....I begin to apply the new Alice in Wonderland design transfers.

Alice in Wonderland whimsical tea set using Dixie Belle transfers | Tracey's Fancy

The cutting and application of the transfers is my favorite part! I use them freely....and build and layer....until I feel the tea set is playful and "Alice'd out" just the way I like it! These transfers work really well as they release from the backing paper easily...and they stretch well which makes them great on tea pots and sugar bowls! Make sure to smooth out your transfers with your fingers.....and you can even burnish lightly with a sanding sponge to make sure you've pushed out and released any air bubbles.

Playful painted tea set by Tracey's Fancy

I then use the Dixie Belle Mousse in Diamond (silver) or Golden Gem to accent specific areas....or even to paint the handles and spouts. I mix the mousse with a very small amount of Top Coat Gloss....just in a tiny medicine cup and a stir stick.....this really helps to thin the goes on like paint....and dries within an hour or two with no smearing....and does not need to be top coated.

Alice in Wonderland whimsical tea set using Dixie Belle transfers | Tracey's Fancy

I do top coat the entire whimsical tea set for added protection. I have used Top Coat in Satin, Top Coat in Gloss, and Gator Hide. It is truly a personal preference as to what sheen you'd like your set to have in the end. I prefer the Top Coat in Gloss.....I really like the high shine! I apply two thin coats regardless of which topcoat I use.

And that is it!

These little sets take quite a bit more time than one would think. Especially if you are planning to use the black and white checkered detail. But they are worth the you can see in the photos! Who wouldn't want an Alice in Wonderland whimsical tea set???

Playful painted tea set by Tracey's Fancy

I hope you have been inspired! I would very much love it if you would use the links listed in my shop section to order your products! It really does help support my business as well as allows me to keep creating weekly!

Join me for a LIVE online class where you can create your very own Alice in Wonderland inspired tea set. I will guide you step-by-step through the process. Learn more HERE.

Alice in Wonderland whimsical tea set using Dixie Belle transfers | Tracey's Fancy

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