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If you’ve ever wanted to peek inside the ornamental brain of Tracey Bellion…..this is your ticket!

Alice in Wonderland Dresser

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Love the Whimsy Wonderland?


Whimsy University is an online teaching/learning platform where Tracey opens her heart and her mind….and shares her visionary process!

Not only will you be allowed a PEEK….you’ll be invited to “come on in” and hang out with her in her private Facebook page for SEVEN full weeks!

In that seven weeks…..she will share the entire process of creating a leading edge and exquisite finish on a very large and dramatic feature piece of furniture!

This is a finish that will combine multiple colors, styles, techniques, tools, skills, mediums……and years and years of knowledge!

Not ONE single surface of this feature piece will be left untouched.

Everything you’ve ever seen Tracey do (and things you haven’t)…..will be done here…..TOGETHER…..on ONE piece…..and it will be FABULOUS!

Every element of the design framework will be presented to you in the most organized chaos imaginable…..

  • choosing a piece that is worthy of such elegance
  • planning the design
  • reviewing artistry of color
  • synchronizing multiple patterns
  • utilizing a variety of techniques
  • adding elements of the unexpected
  • understanding completion
  • finding confidence in your art style

This type of furniture masterpiece requires a gifted eye….and Tracey believes this is something she can GIFT to others.

She truly believes it is a skill that can be learned…..and she wants to share that path with you!

A path that requires you to tap into your own reserve of emotions and call upon your raw passions…..and learn to become just vulnerable enough to create from cerebral emotion and human heart!

THIS is what makes you unique…..and it’s time you shared that with the world….through your art!

Whimsy University will help YOU identify your esthetic!



You do not need to be present for LIVE classes.  The classes will remain recorded in the online Facebook group for the entire duration of the 7 week course.  Once you purchase the course itself…you will be added to the Whimsy University private Facebook community where the actual classes will take place.  You can watch the LIVE videos at your leisure.  You will have full time 24/7 access to this private group where you can ask questions, share your own furniture art progress, and support and encourage like-minded artist as they create!

This course WILL NOT be offered as a recorded tutorial at a later date!!  EVER!!!

Once this course is completed…..it will be tossed into that creative Wonderland rabbit hole and gone forever!

This course will NOT open for new students while the class is in progress!

Anyone who purchases this course….will be given the option to purchase the NEXT Whimsy University class at a special discounted rate!

Be prepared….there are NO LIMITS in this course!

Here’s what our Whimsical Painters had to say about Tracey’s courses:

Liz enjoyed learning painting techniques all at once

“I waited too long to join so I had to watch the first course taped … it did not disappoint!!! With both of these techniques together, it was so much fun to watch. Very informative and I can’t wait to see more! And of course all these next projects are going through my head! Thank you!” -Liz Justice

Deborah challenged herself with whimsical designs

“The class is amazing. I have painted a lot of plan furniture with distressing and glaze but this has been an inspiration for me to do my first whimsical piece. Your courses have inspired my brain!” – Deborah Cuthbertson

Carla loved the painting group’s camaraderie and project sharing

“The courses have been amazing and beyond my expectations! This group seems to be the most giving and helpful group that I have been in. Great banter, help and support. I know that this was a great investment in me! My customers have even noticed!!!!” – Carla Pine, Owner of Salty Dog Gallery and Gifts

Cheryl gained confidence to paint her first piece of furniture!

“Before Course 1 I had never put a paint brush on a piece of furniture. I have learned so much from Tracey and other members, not to mention all the fun!” – Cheryl Wilkerson

Lynette adores whimsical and fun furniture

“Welcome to this wonderful, wacky, whimsical world! I enjoyed our classes sooooo much. Tracey is wonderful and you are all in for a treat!!!!” – Lynette Gray


Take one of my previous Whimsical Furniture Painting Courses: Go Here

These courses are recorded and you will be able to access them online at your convenience. They will be yours to keep and watch as many times as you need!!

What if I’ve never painted before?

Learn the basics in Tracey’s Core Painting Course

This is a very very very affordable price to get you up to speed on the basics of prepping furniture to paint, using chalk paint, primers, shellacs and top coats, what tools to use … and other things you need to know to paint furniture. This prerequisite course is a requirement for you IF you have NEVER PAINTED. I absolutely do NOT want to hold up our group going over all the basics, when we are focusing on learning advanced painting techniques and designing whimsical projects. This core course will help get on the same playing field. So please please, honor system, folks, please take this 2 HOUR core course if you think you need it!

  • Furniture Painting Basics


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