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Wine Bottles

How about an easy DIY craft with wine bottles? I've been painting wine bottles for the last few weeks..... and I even taught a really fun class showing how to paint a poinsettia. However..... some of you aren't confident in your detailed painting skills...... so I have a work-around!! Design Transfers!!!

Christmas is knocking on our door.... and if your holiday is anything like mine..... there are likely a few wine bottles laying around. So why not do something with them? Whether they are empty and you want to recycle them for décor.... or they are full and you want to offer them as a gift..... you can do it quickly and easily with a little bit of paint and the beautiful Evergreen and Holly design transfer!

Just look how beautiful these bottles are! Now these are empty bottles..... that I've staged with Christmas florals and clustered together at different heights for a centerpiece vibe. You could also use them as candle holders or mix them up with candles and fresh pine greenery!

You may also consider doing this exact same thing to FULL wine bottles..... and gift them to your next Christmas party host!  I have already made SO MANY this season to check off boxes on my gift list! 

Let me lay out the steps for you below:

1. Wipe your bottle down with rubbing alcohol or wash with vinegar and water.  You can remove or leave the label..... I've done both.   

2. You MUST use Slick Stick to prep your bottle for paint.  Using a premium chip brush, coat with one layer and let dry a minimum of 8 hours.  Coat with a second layer and let dry two hours.  

3. Paint with any Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral paint using a pouncing motion and a chip brush.  You can blend several colors or use just a single color.  I've blended Fluff, Caviar and Honky Tonk Red on my bottles here.... using a spritz of water and the Best Dang Wax Brush for perfect blending

4. Allow to dry completely.

5. Choose which portion of the transfer you want to create with and cut around it. (one transfer will make MULTIPLE bottles)

6. Lay your transfer over the bottle and hold in place.

7. Use the wooden stick provided and rub the transfer until it begins to release.  Slowly peel off the backing as your transfer releases.

8. Once the transfer has released.... smooth it down with your hands or use a soft cloth to smooth out all wrinkles and release any air bubbles.  

9.  I spray my bottles with an acrylic spray sealer.  

10.  Now use it to decorate or tie it with a bow and give it to the host of your next party!

Ho! Ho! Ho! and Merry Christmas!

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