DIY Wooden Heart Sign for a Little Girl's Nursery

by | Jan 30, 2018

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Is it just me??  Or does that happen to you too?

You get an idea in your head (that is the problem right there…LOL)….

A vision….of exactly what you need to complete a room….and you CAN’T FIND IT anywhere!!!

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And here you go again….another DIY!!!!

Yep….I wanted a 36″ heart as the feature piece above a baby bed for a friend.  I wanted specific colors and decoupaged slats AND custom-painted name! So I had to make it myself … here’s how….

I used brown packing paper to make my own pattern…..laid out randomly sized planks…..traced my pattern onto the wood….and cut!

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I then painted, stained and decoupaged tissue paper with 1Gel  onto each plank according to my “vision”…..

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I used my electrical sander (I use this one here.) to heavily distress each board….including the tissue paper planks.  I wanted the wood grain to be very visible!

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You see that wood grain on the center gray board??? Isn’t that fabulous???  It is the exact look I was after!

A little hand-lettering of baby Georgie’s name….and it is complete! Check out my Hand Lettering course to learn all my tricks for making beautiful signs.

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Can you see the entire gorgeous Farmhouse shared nursery, which I designed, HERE. It includes a big brother bed that keeps with the farmhouse style! Go check it out

I promise you can do this DIY!!! This wooden heart sign is the feature piece of this room.

However…if you are more of a “point and click and add to cart” kind of person….I offer these in my shop section too…..I’ve got you covered!!!

I also offer other hand-painted and custom-designed sign for nurseries and bedrooms in my online shop HERE.  Including .. my cable spool signs which are a good “boy” option to the heart.

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See you next week!



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  1. pam

    How did you connect the planks of wood together?


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