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Yellow Armoire with Furniture Stamps

Well, HELLO sunshine!

This piece is loaded with personality….stenciled….stamped (which I'm going to tell you all about)….and ready for delivery!

I know….I know….it is certainly not what is on trend right now…as we are surrounded by gray in every shade! But I have fun and funky clients who enjoy color and expressing their eclectic taste!

So today I share with you this antique french armoire….in bold Honeysuckle yellow and Engine No. 9 red…both by Heirloom Traditions Paint Company. (Please use my code FANCY when shopping HTP to save 10%!)

Painted Yellow Armoire | Tracey's Fancy

*side note….SUPER HEAVY PIECE….that I could not move by myself to my typical photo shoot location…so you get to enjoy her in the lovely garage/shop surroundings…..DON'T JUDGE!

Painted Yellow Armoire | Tracey's Fancy

This piece was purchased by a local client….BUT she bought it online from someone in another state…and had it delivered to me to liven up! She requested these exact colors…and also wanted a damask design. The piece will be used in her family room and filled with blankets and games!

I used an oversized stencil for the damask pattern on the drawer fronts and the side panels. You can find similar stencils such as this one on Amazon. I do not use stencils very often, but if you are new to painting furniture they are a total game changer! They offer you so many options to add special interest to your pieces…especially if you are not comfortable free-handing. You can see other stencils patterns that I have used on other projects like this croc stencil on a headboard here. Maybe I need to write a blog JUST on stencils..there is so much that can be said.

But let's discuss furniture stamping.

The painted accents that you see INSIDE the cabinet on the back wall are all done with furniture stamps offered by IOD. These stamps are so full of detail…that you really have to see them for yourself! (At the bottom of this blog, I'll link to everything for your shopping convenience...)

Painted Yellow Armoire | Tracey's Fancy

Stamping is done by loading a stamp with paint….and literally stamping it onto your furniture!!! Here is a quick video showing me loading the Empire Stamp with the Engine No. 9 paint. In the video I am using a pink applicator sponge by Heirloom Traditions (which is the bomb and has many uses)…but you are really supposed to use a brayer roller.

Your furniture stamps are really supposed to be "stuck" to a stamping block. The stamping block allows you to apply great and even pressure to the stamp. BUT….the space I want to stamp in is a tight squeeze and the stamping block would not fit. SO….I just used my hand. Here is a quick video showing me doing this.

I then chose the Friffery and Louis collection of IOD furniture stamps to frame out and accentuate the back board of the cabinet. These stamps can be mixed and matched and are soooo much fun to work with. I also used this same Friffary stamp on this really fun turquoise and hot pink desk last year. This desk was my first piece of furniture to use stamps on! Check it out here!

Painted Yellow Armoire | Tracey's Fancy

I love how the design peeks through the wire on the front of these doors. AND…..I love the rusting technique that I used on this hardware! I took it form a brassy gold to a deep textured rust using Heirloom Traditions Rust Dust…which is crazy cool to work with! I guess that is ANOTHER process I should share with you in another blog!

Painted Yellow Armoire | Tracey's Fancy

So that's it! Here it is ….in a high-budget video made by me….doing my best to video without showing all the distractions in the background!

I am really pleased with the outcome! I plan to order more furniture stamps to add to my collection. I hope I have peaked your interest in stamping on furniture….and maybe you'll consider giving it a try!


And don't forget…when you order from Heirloom Traditions Paint Online…use my coupon code FANCY…which will give you a 10% discount on your purchase! It also lets them know I sent you!

Please subscribe to my weekly blog! There are many projects on the calendar! And I really love to share them with YOU!



And for all you "pinners" pin my yellow armoire and furniture stamps ... and follow me on Pinterest!

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