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Aged Patina Round-Up

Welcome to the world of FANCY patina!

The organic patina craze is trending hugely right now! I've always been intrigued by the look of ANY aged and weathered surface....but never really considered adding the look to my fancy or whimsical finishes.....until I became a brand ambassador for Dixie Belle.

They offer a patina kit....and I just couldn't stand not being "in the know" about the product. So read I share my experience with you!

That jug you see glass! I chose a clearance item from Hobby Lobby as my first experiment with the patina kit.....a glass jug! I painted the entire jug with one coat of Sea Glass paint. I then brushed on the metallic paint in both copper and bronze and let it dry (per instructions). I then added a second coat of the randomly placed metallic paints....and then sprayed with both the green and the blue spray. Some of the results were instant.....however most of the patina process took about 4 hours to really reveal its final look. I was new to the process and was just "okay" with the results. However.....I was just interested enough to try adding it to my furniture designs.....and I am SOOOOOO glad I did!

Holy cow! The patina reaction I was able to achieve on my leopard/grunge buffet blows my mind! I am so madly in love with this process now.....that I almost don't want to take a custom order unless they allow me to accent with patina! I was able to get this very aqua colored reaction by using the bronze paint and spraying with both the blue AND green reactive spray. It resulted in textured-layered-crusty sections of pure goodness!

My whimsical Halloween decor was also achieved by using the bronze paint with a mix of blue and green spray.....however I focused mostly on the green spray...which brought forward more of a verdigris green color vs. the aqua results of the buffet.

I chose a couple of small projects for a LIVE video tutorial that you can now see on You Tube! (I'd love for you to check it out and push the little "subscribe" button while your there) In that video....I demonstrate exactly how to use the paint and the spray! It is very informative...and hopefully very helpful to those of you that would like to see me actually using the products.

I chose a small deer skull (yes my husband hunts and we eat the venison) and two thin balsa wood ornaments for this project.

The deer skull was a do over. On the video I actually used the Iron paint first....and sprayed with both blue and green spray....hoping for a rust look. But due to the video "rush" and lack of time I tried to force the reaction with a heat gun which just did not offer the look I wanted.

So after the video I chose to go back and paint the entire skull with the bronze metallic paint and sprayed with blue reactive spray to achieve the look you see above. It took me about 10 minutes max to paint and spray and then I just walked away. Within 3 hours.....this is the result!

I am in LOVE with these JOY ornaments! The one on the left was done with both bronze paint and both blue and green spray. The one on the right has accents of rust which was achieved by using the iron paint and the green spray.....along with sections of bronze paint and green spray.

As you probably have project will ever be the same results....each reaction being very unique! The "unknown" makes this process addicting!! I created a sample board below....of all three metallic paints.....and what happens with each reactive spray.

Love what you see but need some more help??  I have just the thing...check out my Leopard & Patina Whimsical Course!!

Just choose the look you are wanting on your project.....and use the colors of paint/spray listed below that example to achieve it! It's really that simple! I hope you find it useful!

Dixie Belle Patina Paint In Bronze - Tracey's Fancy

Dixie Belle Green Patina Spray - Tracey's Fancy

Dixie Belle Blue Patina Spray - Tracey's Fancy

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