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Healthy Green Smoothies

Change Your Nutrition, Change Your Life

Inspired by my own clean-eating and healing journey as a busy mom, wife, and business owner, I created the Best You, an 8-week nutrition and healthy lifestyle program and private community. I want to help you feel like your best self, but make it manageable and something that you don't have to do alone. Let's prioritize health together!

The Best You is now CLOSED to new members.

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The Best You is an 8-Week healthy lifestyle program with nutrition based on the Autoimmune Protocol, which, in short, is a process of identifying what foods work FOR you and what foods work AGAINST you.


When you discover these two things, you can adapt your diet to have more energy, shed excess weight, and feel like your BEST YOU.

Here's what you get:

Here's what's in the 8 Week Best You Program:

  • A streamlined, simplified plan taught with weekly training videos to incorporate the AIP lifestyle so you can simplify clean eating, eliminate junk and replace it with food that fuels you

  • LIVE support hangouts / motivational chats every week

  • LIVE cooking classes

  • Recipe inspo

  • A supportive community in a private Facebook group you need as you continue to progress

Take action and get healthier!

Living a pain-free and vibrant life is possible for you and it is NEVER too late!
Starting something new is overwhelming.
I want to help make it simple.
Here’s how the Best You Works

Each week is designed to baby-step you into healthier habits so that you can gain confidence in yourself and do it alongside your busy life.

The Best You is an 8-week program complete with videos and PDF resources that give you the support you need for success.


Each week leads you through the exact step-by-step process that I used to heal my body from the inside out.


From nutrition basics to roadblocks that might come up and how to get past them to recipes that ACTUALLY taste good,

this is EXACTLY what I wish I had back then.

LIVE Online Training

​Every week we will meet Monday morning at 10 am CST in a private Facebook group for a LIVE video session (don’t worry, there will be replays if you can’t make it). ​

Members-Only Community

Connection with other inspiring, like-minded people, ongoing encouragement and support, and a space to ask questions. You aren't in this alone!

Practical Exercises and Worksheets

Breaking the process down step-by-step so you aren't overwhelmed.

Bonus videos, screen savers, and printables!

To help you stay on track with your goals AND have fun.

So how does it work?
You'll get 8 modules to walk you through EXACTLY what you need to do weekly to start making incremental changes (and sustain them). 
Learn to build healthy lifestyle habits that are SUSTAINABLE.
The Best You

(and then $24.99 after 8 weeks of continuing membership)

8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Program

The Doors are Closed!

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The Best You Waitlist

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Our healthy-eating accountability group is currently closed to new members!

We need time to love on and heal the members who are already in.

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Starting something new is overwhelming.
I want to help make it simple.
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