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AIP breakfast dilemma: there are options!

Are you getting stuck on what to eat for an AIP breakfast? I'm here to tell you...there are options!

The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) has changed by life!

It has allowed me a full and fulfilling life with more energy and less pain than I ever dreamed of! And most has supported the remission of my own auto-immune disease.....Autoimmune Hepatitis.

AIP is a powerful tool that women in my private coaching group, The Best You, are experiencing shockingly positive effects from. However....when each new group begins it's journey I hear the same question.

What on earth do I eat for an AIP Breakfast?

We live in a country where breakfast consist of eggs and grains and dairy. These are all foods that will be temporarily eliminated from the diet. So what is left?

Well......a lot of food choices are just requires a shift in the mind as to what is considered BREAKFAST food. I mean let's face it.....breakfast really is no different than lunch or is still just a meal....another opportunity to provide your body with a nutrient dense dose of goodness.

AIP Breakfast Smoothie

I typically encourage my ladies to begin their new AIP journey by drinking a breakfast smoothie. We have created several smoothies that most of us love and actually look forward to having in the mornings. They are simple and easy to modify depending on what you have available in the kitchen each day. Find my favorite smoothie recipes HERE.

AIP breakfast smoothie by Fit Fifty and Fearless

No-Oats "Oatmeal"

For those that prefer something warm in the mornings there is the NO-oatmeal. What is that??'s NOT oatmeal...but it certainly taste good and has a very similar texture! It's made with riced cauliflower. I know it sounds crazy and I was skeptical at first too but y'all it really is delicious! You can load it up with your favorite fruit and even a drizzle of maple syrup to top it off!

AIP breakfast no oats oatmeal by Fit Fifty and Fearless

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Have you ever tried a sweet potato pancake??? Well you should! They are sooooo good you will want to eat more than you should! And you can!! They are GOOD for you! I love them in the mornings with a few apple slices and almond butter (if re-introduced) and tiger nut butter if still full AIP.....and a drizzle of maple syrup!

AIP sweet potato pancakes by Fit Fifty and Fearless

AIP-approved Bacon!

How about bacon! can eat bacon on AIP! It needs to be nitrate and sugar well as uncured (which really just means it WAS cured but naturally and without chemicals). So how about some bacon wrapped carrots??? heard me right...and you haven't lived until you've tried them.


Remember your college days of eating cold pizza from the night before.... for breakfast the next day?? Well on AIP.....I actually LOVE warming up my dinner from the night before and eating it for breakfast! It usually taste even better!

Once you wrap your head around the fact that breakfast doesn't have to be pancakes and will be fully satisfied with a healthy meal that is available! And it's way better than that cold pizza!

There are many breakfast menus and recipes for AIP on Pinterest. It is a well known hurdle to overcome for any newbie in the AIP the resources on the internet are vast! If you are a recipe lover and enjoy your time in the kitchen...there are many actual pancake and muffin and donut recipes that are 100% AIP compatible. I just prefer to keep it really simple.

So that is my take on how to overcome the AIP breakfast's really not that difficult.

If you like it simple too.....I have several breakfast options in my Honest 7-day AIP Meal Plan Ebook.  

Please share my AIP breakfast pins and follow me on Pinterest!

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