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Best Apple Varieties: see my favorites!

You know the old adage.... "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". While they do provide you with lots of fiber and flavonoids and vitamin C......that is NOT what I am here to tell you about today!

I had selfish reasons for this blog....

Favorite Apple Varieties: taste test results revealed  by

Before I began my AIP healthy lifestyle.....I maybe ate 2-3 apples a YEAR!

I now often eat 2 apples a DAY!!!

With that much apple shopping I decided I should do a taste test....and educate both myself AND YOU on the different varieties of apples!

I chose 10 apples to taste and rate.....side by side.....and I was joined by three other big apple daughter Hailey (30) daughter Zadie (13) granddaughter Harlow (3)

The photo below shows all 10 apples listed from left to right:

  1. Smitten

  2. Honeycrisp

  3. Autumn Glory

  4. Envy

  5. Fuji

  6. Red Delicious

  7. Jazz

  8. Cosmic Crisp

  9. Gala

  10. Kanzi

Favorite Apple Varieties: taste test results revealed  by

Apple Varieties: Taste Test Results

1. Smitten (**my 2nd favorite**): Sweet and smooth. Zero tartness. Velvety texture. Small in size. Red with a touch of yellow. Perfect for eating plain as a snack.

apple eater comments: the 13 yr old immediately said "fresh"....and "really good". The 30 yr olds 2nd favorite.

2. Honeycrisp: Almost sour but not quite. Would be great for a pie. Very crisp and crunchy. Large in size. Red with yellow

3. Autumn Glory (**3 yr olds favorite**): Very unique flavor. Taste exactly like fresh apple juice from the jug. Fancy taste. Large in size. Even mix of red and yellow.

4. Envy: Not a strong flavor. Great snappy crunch. Large in size. Very red

apple eater comments: 13 yr old immediately said "this has no flavor"

5. Fuji: Bland. Very Juicy. Smooth Meat. Tall and large in size. Red.

6. Red Delicious (**my least favorite**): Leathery skin. Very grainy meat. Smells like pumpkin. Tall vs. round. Solid red

apple eater comments: 30 yr olds least favorite. Sample returned by the 3 yr old...she wouldn't even eat it..LOL!

7. Jazz (**my #1 favorite**, **30 yr old favorite**, **13 yr old favorite**): Very sweet. Great to eat as a snack. Perfect texture. Crisp Thin skin. Medium in size. Bright red with yellow

8. Cosmic Crisp (**my 3rd favorite**): Great combination of sweet and sour. Crisp. Extra juicy. Large and round in size. Red.

9. Gala: Bland. Leathery tough skin. Juicy but no flavor. Medium in size. Pale red with yellow.

apple eater comments: 13 yr old said "it tastes like chemicals"

10. Kanzi: Very tart. Crisp and juicy. Lots of flavor. Thin skin. Nice texture. Small in size. Light red with a lot of yellow.

apple eater comments: 30 yr old's #3 favorite. 13 yr old immediately said "whoo! this is sour!"....but she liked it!

So that's it...those are my favorite different varieties of apples!

This was so much fun!!! I've never ever ever compared apples to apples...LOL! Now my apple shopping will be faster....and more fulfilling to my tastebuds! faves:

#1 - Jazz

#2- Smitten

#3- Cosmic Crisp

And I find it really odd that the two apples I was offered most often as a child (Red Delicious and Gala)....were my two LEAST favorite!!

I hope this inspires you to be more intentional with your apple shopping....and will encourage you to find your favorite apple varieties! And if you are looking for more taste tests... click here to check out my favorite squash varieties blog.

I’d love for you to follow me on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube to get all my health and wellness tips first!! And as always, sign up to get my emails here to see more of my clean eating, healthy living and more fun tips!

See you next week!



Favorite Apple Varieties: taste test results revealed  by
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