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Brightened Entry Way Makeover

I honestly have no idea why I chose to leave the inside of my front door brown for sooooo long!!!

The moment I decided to paint it.....I couldn't get the paint on there fast enough!

You may (or may not) know.....we are in the process of switching out all golds, creams and browns in our home to blacks, grays and white. When it came to the doors, I was tempted to completely replace them. In austin doors can be sourced pretty easily and there were loads of modern designs to choose from, but in the end I liked the idea of keeping those we were used to and just sprucing them up bit instead.

Entry Way Makeover by Tracey's Fancy
Entry Way Makeover by Tracey's Fancy

You can see in the photo how dark our entryway was with the saddle brown color alongside the brown door. Not to mention the rug, I am almost embarrassed!!! I did have a look at trying to find a rug cleaning service like the one found when you click here, that could potentially lighten the rug up so I could still use it, but then I found this beautiful new one and well...

Look at it now!

Entry Way Makeover by Tracey's Fancy

It is bright and welcoming! Oddly enough our walls are painted with a deep charcoal, which is darker than the saddle brown color. BUT......we painted the DOOR!!!! Just painting the inside of that door made all the difference in the energy!!!

Let me introduce you to Dixie Belle Paint!!

Since we were going from such a dark wood to the whitest of whites....I did choose to use one coat of Boss Primer first. I then painted the door with two coats of Fluff.

Entry Way Makeover Tracey's Fancy

This paint is like magic in a jar! It has no smell....self levels leaving zero brushstrokes.....dries quickly....and is diamond hard! And the best part of all (IMO....."in my opinion") is it requires NO sealer!!! This means this project took less than 2 hours from start to finish!!!! That's amazing, people!

So a new door color....a little wall color change...and a bright new rug....and my entry has taken on a new life! Give it a try! I've used this paint in every single room in my home!

Entry Way Makeover by Tracey's Fancy

(See that harlequin painted feature wall? It used to be painted browns too! See the before and after here.)

Entry Way Makeover by Tracey's Fancy

Fluff DBP

If you would like to paint your own furniture ....but lack confidence with where to start....I offer furniture design consultation! Contact me here and we can get you started on your next project!

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See you next week!



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Entry Way Makeover by Tracey's Fancy - Painting the inside of the Front Door - Foyer Makeover - Foyer Design Tips
Entry Way Makeover by Tracey's Fancy - Painting the inside of the Front Door - Foyer Makeover - Foyer Design Tips | White Foyer Door
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